Major Fashion Cities in the U.S.

If you love fashion as much as I do, then it comes as no surprise to you that Paris and London are the world’s top two fashion industry strongholds. Both of them are inhabited by numerous high-end fashion designers. Nonetheless, the U.S. are becoming a serious competitor in the industry. How do I know this? Meet the Global Language Monitor (an organization that researches, observes and trails all of the latest worldwide trends in language), which performs assessments to uncover the top fashion cities. As of August 2011, three U.S. cities are on the list. I will be listing four, as one had its first and ONLY rank on the list back in 2008, but still deserves to be mentioned.

New York – Claiming the number 2 spot this year, and a well-renowned big-spot on the GLM for its fifth year in a row is the Big Apple. Home to one of the biggest fashion weeks ever, it’s also the birth city of several major fashion designers. Just imagine classic chic and style, and you’re sure to think of NYC. Ever heard of ‘America’s Next Top Model?’ or ‘Law and Order’? These are just a few of the many televised shows utilizing New York City as their backgrouds.

Los Angeles – This makes me think of an old urban song, “L.A. where the players play..”, and here they surely do! Ranking in at number five on the list this year, Los Angeles has certainly risen a few slots since its 2007 mark. Scaling over an astonishing 90 blocks, The Fashion District in L.A. is the center of the west coast’s apparel industry. Of course, that doesn’t shock me in the least, seeing as this is the pivot of America’s cinematic, musical and small screen industries. If you happen to reside in or near this town, then you will likely also notice the major celebrity fashion scene here as well.

Las Vegas – It’s Vegas, baby! Gliding in at #16, and virtually tying with the city of Monaco, Vegas is best remembered for its flashy casinos and extreme night life. But don’t let that fool’s gold get to your sin city is also native to some highly broadcast fashion trade shows, such as MAGIC and POOL. This city celebrated its very first fashion week just this past September.

Miami – Then we have good ol’ Miami. As one of the largest staples in the swimwear industry, Miami hit the top 20 list back in 2008. It is now the host of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. You will find some of the newest and most recognized designers from Europe, Australia and South America gracing Miami with their presence during their annual fashion week. Now, this lively city has not been on the GLM since, but she deserves a little applause in my book. So, there you have it whether you currently live in one of these exciting cities, or maybe even planning on visiting just make sure to bring that camera along as you’re sure to see something to peak your personal interest!

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