Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson reveals debut clothing range

She may be one of the stars of the hugely successful reality TV show Made in Chelsea, but 22 year old Louise Thompson is not stopping there. The beauty has just launched her very own clothing collection and unlike some other stars who have ventured into the fashion industry, Louise has made sure that she has had a hand in each and every one of her designs. The new range, which is collaboration with fashion giants – Goddiva, includes gowns with thigh length splits, smart office separates, contrasting mini dresses and warm comfy jumpers. Louise says of her debut collection: “I have always been really into fashion so this is basically the perfect opportunity without me having to do all the really hard work like manufacturing and sourcing materials. I get to design the clothes which is my idea of heaven and then they make them for me so it’s the perfect collaboration.”

Louise, who has already released a jeans collection, is still studying at Edinburgh University, where she is in her final year of a geography degree. She wants to carry on with a masters and has dreams of working in the City. Talking about her time at the university, Louise says: “I love studying, it is a way of distracting myself from the buzz of London. I didn’t think I would get noticed in Edinburgh but since last season I get a lot of attention. I find it really strange when people ask me for a photo because I am just a normal girl like them. I forget we are on TV and how much the world knows about my life.”

Fans of the series Made in Chelsea will remember that Louise was caught in a love triangle with her co star Spencer Matthews. She says: “The love triangle was horrible. Back then I was so naive to it, I was caught up in a bubble and it was only when journalists started asking me about the death threats I had received that I thought I better take a look. I don’t regret what happened because it was the truth and made good TV but I think the way it was edited was unfair and Jamie did take advantage of his popularity.” It seems that viewers sided with the cheeky love lorn Jamie, who was supposedly heartbroken but Louise maintains that there was a different side to the story: “Jamie got with a lot of my friends and that’s when I realised I chose the wrong person, but no one else saw that side to him. I feel bad but Spencer and I have a lot of history so maybe it was unfair for him to get with me in the first place.”

However, things took a turn for the worse when Spencer decided to star in The Bachelor series, a set of programmes designed to find him a girlfriend. It couldn’t have been easy for Louise to see her man being surrounded by gorgeous women. “There was a lot of drama over the summer, he made decisions I wasn’t particularly happy with so he had to redeem himself; I’d be mad to jump back into his arms. People felt sorry for me which was nice to finally have the sympathy vote.” Apparently Spencer has not spent any time with the winner of the show – Chloe Evans, but Louise insists that she was not threatened by her, it was brunette dancer Jess Quioque that she kept her eye on as she knows that petite brunette girls are more Spencer’s type.So how does Louise cope with dating a man to which thousands of girls would love to spend a night with? “It was only when my agent pointed out that I am going out with someone who is a massive heartthrob and that loads of teenage girls dream about at night that I realised. I never thought about it like that, Justin Bieber I can understand but the fact that I’m going out with someone who has that similar appeal is quite weird.”

In the meantime, you can view Louise’s collection here at Goddiva.

Source: MailOnline

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