MAC Launch Fabulous New Cheek Blusher

If like me, you love MAC products, you’ll be pleased to note that they have brought out a new range of silky smooth blushers to add to their already overflowing product list. But these are no ordinary blushers, oh no! If their eye liners are anything to go by, which, now I’ve mentioned them I have to swear are the softest kohl pencils I have ever used in my life! You really do not have to put any pressure on the pencils at all, to achieve a gorgeous soft look, the graphite in them must be so slippery. I don’t know about you but I hate getting a new eye pencil and it is so hard that you cannot get a good line on your eyelid without practically drawing blood. Anyway, I’m digressing again, I’m here really to talk about the new creamy blushers.There are six new flavours, sorry, they are so delicious it’s hard not to call them flavours, I mean six new gorgeous cheeky colours which are Pink Tea, LoveCloud, Full of Joy, Immortal Flower, Modern Mandarin and Peony Petal. Pink Tea is the more natural pinks of the six, LoveCloud is a darker version of Pink Tea, Full of Joy is a full on raspberry shade, Immortal Flower is a really orange blusher, Modern Mandarin is a lighter shade of Immortal Flower and Peony Petal a lovely lavender hue.

The Tres Cheek collection are priced at £17.50 each and yes is this expensive but are they worth the cost? Absolutely! My eyeliner (sorry to bang on about it) but that costs £13.50 and it last around 10 months so they are great value for money. The cheek blushers are in the shops now and are available to buy from the MACwebsite or you can get them from any good department stores, such as House of Fraser or Selfridges. As the blurb says – Blush as vibrantly, softly, or hip as you dare in shades that reflect your mood, style and skin tone. Six new limited edition Blush Powders in red-orange, peach, pink and lavender that are seamlessly sheer, and stay as bright on the skin as they are in palette. We love them!

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