Ten of the Best Luxury Easter Eggs that Money Can Buy!

Luxury Easter eggs come in all shapes, sizes and prices. So if you fancy an indulgent Easter egg or something a little more quirky, here are ten of the best luxury Easter eggs that money can buy.

Heston from Waitrose The Chocolate Teapot, 320g: £20

Luxury Easter Eggs

Easter is always a magical time for Heston and he pulls out all the stops with this gloriously mad chocolate teapot. Inside there are chocolate ‘tea leaves’ and chocolates to resemble the sugar cubes which are crunchy and tea-flavoured.

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 225g: £26.00

Luxury Easter Eggs

For those that love chocolates and an Easter egg, it doesn’t get any more decadent than pink champagne truffles encased in luxurious milk chocolate and presented in a beautiful decorative box.

Selfridges Selection Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 200g: £29.99

Luxury Easter Eggs

This artisan Easter egg is handmade by award-winning chocolatiers Baravelli’s and contains 45% milk chocolate. Hand-painted in a small Welsh village for Selfridges and run by dedicated chocolate lovers couple Mark and Emma.

Cocoa Loco Bakewell Cherry & Almond Egg, 1250g: £30

Luxury Easter Eggs

This is one of our biggest luxury Easter eggs weighing in at over a kilo. It is also a real treat for those who don’t like overly sweet chocolate as it is packed full of sour cherries and nibbed almonds. Inside are chocolate buttons and the chocolate is all Fairtrade.

Venchi Allegro Gourmet White Chocolate And Raspberry Easter Egg, 280g: £34.99

Luxury Easter Eggs

The white chocolate shell of this gourmet egg holds a delicious surprise; inside the shell is a layer of raspberry and sticky caramel, but you’ll only find out when you crack open the egg.

Artisan du Chocolat Milk Chocolate Chest Easter Egg, 420g: £40.00

Luxury Easter Eggs

An exquisite milk chocolate egg that is hand-decorated with luxurious gold sits on a chest hiding a drawer of assorted chocolates including mini eggs and chocolate pearls.

Melt Wild Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, 450g: £55.00

Luxury Easter Eggs

Our testers said that this Easter egg was way too rich and indulgent for children and best kept away from them. Made from rare organic dark Bolivian chocolate, this egg sits on a nest of chocolate and is drizzled with extra dark chocolate and gold leaf. It’s also vegan.

Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Easter Egg – Classic: £80

Luxury Easter Eggs

This is an enormous Easter egg and has the thickest of all the shells in our recommendations. An egg of two halves, one is made using 40% milk chocolate and crunchy cookies and puffed rice, the other half is made with 50% milk chocolate and crispy feuilletine. You also get 27 chocolates and if that wasn’t enough there are six golden eggs somewhere in all the packaging for you to find.

Fortnum & Mason Hand-Painted Chick Egg, 500g: £85.00

Luxury Easter Eggs

Exclusively hand-painted for Fortnum & Masons by chocolatiers in Wales, this egg is made with the finest Colombian milk chocolate using 45% minimum cocoa solids. There’s also a layer of white chocolate using 40% cocoa solids. The paint on the egg is from natural pigments but we don’t think you are going to want to eat this one!

Betty’s The Centenary Imperial Egg: From: £495.00

Luxury Easter Eggs

You have to order these in advance, and we are not surprised, judging by the price. However, there is a smaller version at under £30 available. This whopper of an Easter egg certainly showcases all of Betty’s chocolatier’s skills in one egg. Handmade using shimmering pink-coloured white chocolate and then decorated with handmade sugar flowers, piped chocolate and golden leaves. Inside is another hand-decorated egg and the total chocolate weighs in at over 5 kilos of chocolate. A true work of art.


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