Luxury Airport Lounges: Do We Really Need Them?

It seems that first class tickets are no longer enough for executives and celebrities, seeing as many airport lounges are being re-designed to look like 5 star hotels. Gone are the days when lounges were places where people, whether first class or economy class passengers, sat waiting for gates to open.

Flying in first class means being served champagne and sitting in comfortable chairs (usually situated in the front of the airplane) for the entire duration of the flight, which is why first class tickets are way more expensive than economy class ones: after all, comfort and luxury do not come for free.

However, it seems that luxury is no longer limited to airplanes, as many airports around the world have been radically transformed and re-designed, to the extent that, as many have noted, they now look like resorts and make travellers look forward to going back to the airport during their holidays.

Now, the question is: do we really need luxury lounger in airports? Some think they are a total waste of money and space, some others have observed that they are meant for executives who deserve to be pampered as they pay more for their tickets and do not travel for pleasure. However, one thing’s for sure: holiday-makers should avoid purchasing first class tickets as these lounges are so beautiful and equipped that they might end up not enjoying their holidays.

So, let us take a look at some of the best luxury airports around the world.

1. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (Heathrow Airport)

As soon as you walk into this airport’s lounge, you will find bubble chairs, a swimming pool and pink walls awaiting you. Ever since this airport was renovated, passengers have begun checking in earlier, probably to sit at the 14-metre-long bar, or to have their hair cut at the Bumble & Bumble hair salon. Furtherore, the airport offers a spa, super comfy day beds and features trendy furnishings.

2. Qantas First Class Lounge (Sydney International Airport)

Marc Newson is now one of the world’s most popular interior designers and his passion for minimalism and nature can be admired by simply travelling to or from Sydney International Airport. The lounge he designed features clean and regular lines, relaxing colours, such as white and grey and is surrounded by 11 vertical gardens, which contribute to creating a relaxing atmosphere that first class passengers seem to appreciate.

3. Emirates Business Lounge (Dubai Airport)

Dubai has become synonym for class and luxury so I suppose it’s just natural that its airport should do justice to its reputation. The Emirates Business Lounge was designed to make first class passengers find their inner peace, benefitting from the presence of air, fire, water and earth. And if the elements are not enough to relieve your stress, all you have to do is go to the spa and ask for a relaxing massage before boarding.

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