Luxe New Boxed Set City Guides: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Having problems thinking about what to buy for your dad this Father’s Day? I may have come up with the ideal solution. Luxe City Guides are now available in deluxe box sets which include a European City Guide, featuring London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and more, an Asian boxed set with Bali, Bangkok, Beijing and Hanoi amongst its eight titles and a world set including Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney.

You also have the choice of making up your own boxed set of city guides, chosing between a set of five, eight or twelve cities in one box with a range of boxes, including a velvet textured outer and placing your own logo on the front. So if your father has a few favourite places in the world, or loves spending time in European cities, or has a penchant for the Far East, why not give him a specialised box set and bring back all those travelling memories?

The guides have already been featured in the media with reviews such as ‘Compulsory ‘in-flight’ reading.’ Vanity Fair; and ‘A cult following amongst stylish bob vivants.’ Howtospendit.com; and ‘Sex and the City in a handbook.’ UK Times. The guides are filled with all the information you would need to find your way around each exciting city and show you where the best hotels, restaurants, art galleries, museums and other places of interest are.

Here is an excerpt from the LUXE LONDON 4th Edition; “She may be gripped by a rash of new-monied affluenza spreading over the capital in a tsunami of caviar and roubles, but London’s hyper-fab riches and fash foot forward have never been in question. Add new-found confident Brit-dish cooking, the re-emergence of her neighbourhood ‘villages’ and artisanal pride and you’ve got New Britannia… stroll on.

From legendary hotels to groovy boutiques, chic n’ discreet townhouses and wallet-friendly private apartments or B&Bs, we’ve got the lot. Add a super-informed and opinionated feast of relaxed caffs, gastropubs, pinnacle fine dining salons and the city’s best tucked away bars and clubs and you’ve got it going on.

Get ready for our bespoke grandslam of artisans for handmade hats, shoes, perfume, luggage, wallpaper, jewels, eyewear and even chocolate. And don’t forget all those useful bits of info like the city’s best private guides to literally lead you by the hand to the amazing art, architecture and historical treasures London has in excess. Cheers! LUXE London. Absolutely sooper dooper.”

The Luxe European Grand Tour Box – $75

Say hello to the NEW fabulously eye-catching, spot-on trend iridescent peacock teal and bitter chocolate velvet flock of the LUXE European Grand Tour Box, featuring the absolute best of 8 cities in Europe. The newly designed box set showcases eight European guides, which were just updated to include the latest and greatest on London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Istanbul and Florence.

The Luxe World Grand Tour Box – $115

Want the world in a box? Well, you got it. How damn glam is this? A blaze of colour-blocked fiery pomegranate, blood orange, amber and rich aubergine interspersed with sleek carbon suede-flocked stripes in a dazzling, spot-on trend colour-saturated urban skyline motif. Hell, yeah! The grandslam, gorgeous LUXE World Grand Tour Box holds 12 city guides: LUXE London, LUXE New York, as well as Paris, Rome, LA, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney – it’s the perfect gift for the glam gadabout. Go get it, tiger.

The Luxe Asian Grand Tour Box – $75

The ultimate Asian travel companion. This newly designed stunning firecracker scarlet and black LUXE Asian Grand Tour Box features an exquisitely detailed, hand-drawn toile de Jouy depicting Asian city landmarks and local scenes. Look very closely, we’ve hidden all sorts of fun things in the dazzling design. Contain 8 individual titles: Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo.

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