Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Weeks With Yoga

When you hear someone say that they can show you how to lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most people they automatically wonder whats so special about those numbers. The fact is there is losing weight and then there is losing weight the healthy way. Weight is not meant to be dropped at a rapid rate as what usually happens is the weight that is lost is quickly regained and the cycle starts again.

This type of dieting is hard on the body. That’s what makes the numbers 5 in 5 sound good. These numbers represent the healthy way to lose weight.  Still interested? Keep reading.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

The first thing to do is restrict the amount of calories you intact on a moderate level. Notice it says to do it moderately that does not mean to instantly start starving yourself. It just means to cut back by about 500 calories. This can easily be done by eating more fruit and vegetables and replacing the fatty and sugary foods. The overall goal is to have your calories decreased by 700 less by the end of your 5 weeks. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet daily.

Increase your metabolism

This means consuming one source of lean protein, a serving of complex carbohydrates, along with two or three servings of fruits and vegetables with each meal. Nothing helps you lose weight better than increasing your metabolism. This can be done by eating five or six small meals a day. This can easily be accomplished by eating every two or three hours. For those that say their schedule will never allow it. Consider packing a small snack bag to keep with you at work. Something as small as a few crackers is better than nothing at all. The goal is to get the body comfortable with burning fat. And this can only be done by feeding it frequently.

Work out daily

Of course all good diets include exercise. So start by simply walking 30-45 minutes a day. Change your daily habits: for example, start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. If the cafes are close by that you normally visit for lunch walk there. Pack your lunch, take a walk around the building a few times. Find whatever works for you.

There are activities, such as yoga, that are good not only for relaxing, but also for losing weight. There is a specific exercise that I’d like to recommend, which Indian actresses use to burn off those extra calories before shooting important films. The exercise is called Kaphalbati Pranayama and consists of meditating whilst exhaling very quickly and sharply without consciously inhaling. This way, your abdomen muscles will contract and you will get a flat stomach in a short time. Start by doing 200 Kaphalbati Pranayama sessions for the first few days and build up the amount as your resistance increases.

There is, then, another yoga exercise you should do everyday as it involves all the muscles of your body. I am talking about the so-called Nurya Namaskara, also known as Sun salutation ritual, which should be performed every morning before breakfast.

This simple, yet effective exercise consists of the following positions:

Do 30 to 50 sessions everyday and you’ll get the body you have always wanted in just a few weeks.

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