L’Oreal Paris Use Gene Technology in Latest Youth Code Luminize

With all the anti ageing skin creams on the market today, finding one that actually works can be problematic, and an expensive hobby. But when a renowned global leader in the beauty and skincare range says they have come up with a code, based on your own genetics, that will halt the signs of ageing, we have to take notice. L’Oreal Paris have been working for ten years on gene research and they have discovered that younger skin responds differently to external stressors, such as sunlight, pollution, smoking etc, than maturer skin.

L’Oreal have worked with independent scientists and determined that when put under stress, certain skin genes are activated which link up to epidermal recovery. This activation is now known as ‘gene expression’ and it was noted that in younger skin, gene expression peaked at six hours, after an external stress was placed upon it. Mature skin however, took upto thirty hours to achieve a peak of gene expression, thus indicating that mature skin takes longer to respond, compared to younger skin.

Therefore, as we age, you can see on mature skin that the recovery is taking longer because fine lines will appear, the skin looks tired and luminosity is lost. This is where L’Oreal and the independent scientists come in. They have formulated Youth Code Luminize which works to unify your skin tone, re-awaken a more even luminous looking complexion, and correct irregular pigmentation beneath the skin’s surface. This new range of skincare is a totally innovative way of tackling the signs of ageing, and by using our own genetic codes, we are tapping into our own natural resources. L’Oreal Youth Code Luminize is an iridescent, ultra light textured cream, that leaves skin feeling silky soft. It has been developed using L’Oreal Paris Liquid Light technology. Available in both a cream and a serum, however, the Youth Code Luminize serum is 40 times more concentrated in Vitamin Cg, compared to the Youth Code Luminize Day Cream.

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