L’Oreal Introduce New RevitaLift Clinical Repair 10

Thought anti ageing creams could only fix one skin problem at once? Not any more. With L’Oreal’s new RevitaLift Clinical Repair 10 cream, now you can actually repair 10 signs of ageing from one pot.

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Clinical Repair 10 is the latest collection of skin care from L’Oreal that takes an innovative approach to fighting anti ageing. Taking a different approach to the fight against anti ageing by looking at dermatological procedures and 10-in-1 approach to fighting the telltale signs of aging, L’Oreal have come up with two new products: Clinical Repair 10 Laser Corrector SPF 20 and the Clinical Repair Day/Night Cream. Both function primarily as an anti-aging moisturizer.

L'Oreal's new RevitaLift Clinical Repair 10 cream

They both promise to:

  • Minimise Fine Lines, Reduce Wrinkles
  • Improve Firmness, Tighten Facial Contours
  • Restore Elasticity, Hydrate Dryness
  • Smooth Skin’s Surface, Soften Rough Texture
  • Brighten Dullness, Strengthen Skin’s Density

Clinical Repair 10 Laser Corrector SPF 20Clinical Repair 10 Laser Corrector SPF 20 – $24.99

RevitaLift® Clinical Repair 10 with SPF 20 and Clinical Strength Retinol fights the 10 visible signs of aging and helps reverse the signs of damage done by time. The addition of a UVA/UVB sunscreen with retinol is a nice touch as most ageing is caused by the sun.

The Laser Corrector SPF 20 should be applied after cleansing skin in the morning. The cream is quite thick and does take a little time to absorb into the skin so I would recommend you leave it around 5 to 10 minutes to sink in before you apply your make up. You should have radiant, younger-looking skin after 4 weeks.

Clinical Repair 10 Day/Night Cream MoisturizerClinical Repair 10 Day/Night Cream Moisturizer – $24.99

This is a silky cream with Multi-Repair Complex which fights the 10 visible signs of aging and helps reverse the damage done by time. This is best suited for someone with dry skin as I bought this and found it very greasy on my skin which is very greasy to start with.

It would be very good for someone whose skin is particularly dry as the cream is extremely thick and you only need a small amount. Women saw fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced immediately. After 4 weeks – 100% of women felt the product was gentle on skin. Women saw smoother, healthier-looking skin with improved elasticity and firmness.

You can buy these products at a special discount rate at http://www.walmart.com

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