Looking Great on a Limited Budget

Even though the credit crunch is officially over and the global economy is showing signs of recovery, everyone is still feeling the effects of the recession. It may no longer be possible for you to buy the latest fashions but there are ways to make sure you still look good and up to date.

Quality not Quantity

Build up a basic wardrobe that has good quality classically styled clothes. These items may cost more initially but will last a lot longer. These clothes can be dressed up or down and will never look dated.

Follow the Trends

Look as though you are following the trends through accessories. Mix your classic clothes with a trendy scarf or jewellery or buy a basic vest in on-trend colours. This means looking up to date without changing your core wardrobe. Experiment with scarves to change the look of an outfit.

Change the Features

Changing the buttons on your clothes or adding details to your clothes updates their look and makes them look different. The basic structure of a garment is usually the same year in and year out – it is the buttons, etc. that are changed. If you are good at sewing, try changing out the collars and cuffs. Add some appliqued patterns or beadwork to revitalise an outfit

A New Use

Relook at your clothes – can you convert that skirt into a fashionable top? An old pair of jeans can be made into a funky handbag and an old chain belt can do duty as a bold necklace.

Clothes Swaps

If you are sick of your wardrobe, a clothes swap can be a perfect way to update it without costing you a cent. Get a few friends together and have a party – everyone brings at least one outfit that they want to swap. Just set some clear rules before-hand so that no one feels as though they got the short end of the stick.


An area that is often overlooked is personal grooming. You are never going to look fantastic if your hair is dirty or your nail polish is chipped. Make sure that you put a lot of care into your personal grooming. Look at yourself before you leave the house daily and make sure that you look clean and tidy. In short, you can look great on a limited budget; it just involves a little more creativity on your part.

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