Looking For a Fancy Restaurant in Dubai?

Dubai is fast becoming one of the world’s most sophisticated city, rich in beautiful shopping centres, 5 star hotels and tourist attractions. The clean streets, elegant buildings and outstanding discipline of the people are only some of the things that will make you fall in love with Dubai.

Moreover, if you appreciate good food and sumptuous interior design, you will certainly have a great time dining at some of the fanciest and most elegant restaurants in town. Here are some of the top places that you should check out for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Blue Elephant

If you are after the finest Thai food, you should check out the Blue Elephant, situated in the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai. As soon as you walk into this restaurant, you will start wondering whether you are still in Dubai or in some exotic Asian country. You will love the tranquil ambience of the place, its greenery, waterfall, vibrant flowers and the aroma of basil all over the restaurant. For around £ 16,00 per person, you will get to try many different Thai dishes and drinks.

Capanna Nuovo

This remarkable Italian restaurant situated in the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa has obtained some very good reviews, thanks to the quality of its traditional dishes combined with the uncommon beauty of the abstract paintings, lanterns and birdcages that decorate the walls. If you are lucky enough, you may dine out on the terrace overlooking the Persian Gulf. If it’s too hot for you, however, you may still ask for a table in the indoor dining area.


If you are in Dubai and feel like fish, Pisces is known for its impeccable service and fresh seafood. Depending on your preference (and how busy the restaurant is) you may either dine inside or out on the terrace. The quiet surrounding makes dining in this restaurant a pleasant experience. Moreover, once you have paid your bill, you may explore the beautiful Madinat Souk.


This beach restaurant comes with a whimsical vibe that makes it traditional, yet trendy. Both the atmosphere and the menu may be defined as “faux-Italian”, which doesn’t mean that the many risotti, pasta dishes and other Italian dishes listed on the menu are not delicious. One piece of avice: if you intend to dine at Carnevale, make sure that you don’t leave your credit card in your hotel room as this restaurant is said to be “quite” expensive.

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