Looking at the Canon SX230 HS

If you are a digital camera enthusiast, your attention could probably have been caught by the new Canon SX230 HS. Yes,

Canon sx230 hs

Canon sx230 hs

this digital camera is HS or high sensitivity which is very handy when for low light performance. They have worked hard to enhance the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, thus giving birth to this Canon PowerShot SX230 HS. You could be wondering what is so different with this cam. Well, read on and find out.

This digital camera from the PowerShot family is the first GPS enabled camera from Canon. It is among the top quality cameras in the market that has HS to shoot excellent photos even in low light. Picture perfect images can now be taken in any situation, anytime, anywhere. Aside from that, because of its HS capability or feature, you do not have to use a tripod for shooting whether in broad daylight or in the evening. High quality images can be captured during the evenings as well without the need for the camera flash.

Another great feature of this Canons SX230 HS is its HD capability to capture videos. Compared to the old digital cameras before, the video capture of this Canon SX230 HS is already in high-definition. It is like you are using a video camera when capturing videos. The movie clips also has scene modes when taking videos such as the miniature effect and the slow motion effect.

With its 14x digital zoom, you can definitely take different subjects near and far. It has a 28mm wide-angle setting for a wider range of subject.  It also has a wide 7.5cm LCD where you can view your photos or use when taking pictures. This is also a manual control camera which is perfect for those who want to study more about taking photos. The SX230 HS also has various scene modes that you can choose from for experimenting how to take photos. Other features of this camera includes, AF modes like single, continuous, Servo AF/AW, and tracking AF, high ISO sensitivity, has flash and has the HDMI port, USB, and AV out.

You never can really get enough of this wonderful digital camera. You do not only get a GSP capable camera, but you also have an HS camera to give you better quality pictures and videos. The Canon SX230 HS also comes in different colors such as pink, black, and blue. 

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