Looking after your skin

It’s our body’s largest organ, and it’s on show to the world no matter the weather, so you’d think everyone would look after their skin, right? Unfortunately not. Although youthful-looking skin is yearned for by most, many expect it to look after itself. Believe it or not, our skin needs to be looked after, so read on to find out how you can look after yours.

Our skin is actually three different layers; the outer epidermis, the middle dermis and the inner subcutaneous. Whilst the outer epidermis contains pigment cells, the middle dermis contains blood vessels and nerves, and the inner subcutaneous contains hair follicles and fat cells. There are several different factors that play a part in our skin type, such as environmental factors like exposure to sunlight, and external factors such as drinking alcohol. Genetic factors also play a part, meaning that no matter how good a product is, some skin types will always remain the same in the way they look and feel, simply because of genes.

However, there are some really great skin care products out there, which will indefinitely do wonders for your skin and bring the best out in it. Whether you have normal skin, oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin, there’s something for you.

It’s important to remember that your skin changes as you grow older, so that of a 20 year old is very different to that of a 70 year old. With this in mind, you should carefully select your skin care products, based on what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you’re a 40 year old and desperate to rid yourself of wrinkles, then trying one of the many anti-wrinkle creams on the market may help the appearance of them. Similarly, it’s not a great idea for a 20 year old without wrinkles to use an anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing cream, in the hope of preventing wrinkles from ever making an appearance, as there is nothing for the cream to work with.

One of the most popular types of face cream on the market at the moment is that consisting of collagen and elastin, suitable for both male and female skin types, of all different ages. This type of cream is known for leaving skin soft, radiant and supple, with a youthful glow.

Another great product to use on your skin is toner, which is a lotion that cleanses the skin and reduces the appearance of pores. Toner is generally applied to the face before moisturiser, leaving skin feeling soft and fresh. Toner can be used on skin of any age, maintaining and improving the appearance of it.

One of the most important factors to remember about your skin is that it needs to be moisturised. A good moisturiser, applied frequently, will work wonders for your skin and won’t break your bank either.

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