Look forward to your monthlies with new subscription service – Le Parcel!

If you are one of those ladies who really doesn’t look forward to Mother Nature’s gift every month, then a new monthly subscription service might take the pain out of your weekly periods. Le Parcel is a brand new delivery service that aims to help you cope with your periods a little bit more by providing you with a parcel of goodies each month. You can choose from a selection of over 30 products, all designed to get you through the dreaded monthlies, and the service only costs a reasonable $15 each month.


Available to choose each month for your parcel include brands such as Playtex, Tampax and Kotex. This idea of a monthly gift to yourself is the brainchild of a Los Angeles-based company, who claim that women will now ‘look forward to ‘that time of the month’ more than ever’ as each delivery includes a box of chocolates and mystery gift such as make-up or jewelry.

And the parcel does not only contain a little treat to help you through the monthly period, you can also time it so it arrives just in time to coincide with your monthly cycle. Genius!

Clipboard02Le Parcel’s website states: ‘Say farewell to late night runs to the market for tampons or opening up the closet to find and empty box. Gone are the dreadful days of having your significant other ‘pick up’ a box of pads at the store on the way home.’

Le Parcel was created by Amanda Castleberry, Megan Hollenback and Elise Capener along with their respective husbands. In an interview with MailOnline, the entrepreneurs talked about the company’s success: “The response has been extremely positive. We receive hundreds of emails from women all over the world expressing their appreciation.”

Making life easier: The Los Angeles-based company instructs users to pick their favorite feminine hygiene brand and choose the products they would like to be delivered

Indeed one Facebook commentator wrote: ‘This idea is freaking brilliant! I’m excited to receive my first shipment. Thanks, ladies!’

While another added: ‘Why didn’t someone think of this before?! I can’t wait to start my subscription!’

Source: MailOnline

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