Look after yourself in pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important time in any woman’s life, and it’s especially important that women look after themselves better than ever during it.

A pregnant Woman

A pregnant Woman

When women are pregnant, their body changes, and these changes need to be accommodated. Pregnancy can affect many factors in a woman’s life, such as their mood, hunger, social life, sleep, diet, and routine, to name but a few. Although many women have great pregnancies, there are others who have not so great ones. The best thing a woman can do when she finds out she’s pregnant is to focus on looking after herself, which will give the pregnancy the best chance of being smooth, and the baby the best chance of a healthy nine month journey.

Following these simple steps will help women to be as healthy as they can during pregnancy:

  • Diet – what women should eat changes when they are pregnant, so they need to bear this is mind. They need to focus on getting as many nutrients and as much healthy food inside them as possible, cutting out the junk.
  • Food portions – women shouldn’t be alarmed if their hunger levels change during their pregnancy. During this time women eat for more than just themselves, so they need to make sure they’re getting enough food inside of them.
  • Drugs – drugs will do nothing but harm a baby, so these should be avoided at all costs. Even tablets like paracetamol can cause problems, so it’s best to steer clear of medication altogether, just to be on the safe side.
  • Alcohol– although it has been suggested that women can have a small amount of alcohol during their pregnancy, it is obviously better if they don’t- for both the woman and the baby.
  • Socialising – when pregnant, it’s good for women to attend all the local groups they can, to meet and stay in touch with other women in the same position as them.  Pregnancy can be a challenging time, and it’s good for women to have someone they can share experiences with. Whilst many women have partners, those not going through the experience personally can find it hard to provide advice in matters such as antenatal class and labour, for example.
  • Exercise – Women should try to take part in at least 20 minutes exercise several times a week. Women shouldn’t do anything too strenuous, just an activity such as swimming. Exercise helps women to feel energised, whilst also being good for the baby.

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