How long would you queue for the new iPhone 5S and 5C?

a man camped outside apple storeOne may have remarkable fingerprint technology and the other be packaged in rainbow hues. But, we’re not sure that would be enough to encourage us to set up camp for days just to get our hands on a new piece of technology.

Apple fans in New York clearly disagree though. Apple’s latest smartphones – the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C – aren’t even due to be released in the US until September 20.

But, already Apple addicts are queuing to be the first to buy one of the new handsets.

One of those outside Apple’s flagship store in New York was Justin Lockhart from Ohio, who has been in line since September 6, before the Californian tech giant had even officially unveiled the new phones. He came with a tent, food and solar charger.

And, the picture is the same across the world. With one week to go, fans were queuing outside stores in Japan.

Forty-four-year-old Japanese businessman Tetsuya Tamura also started queuing before the official announcement. He said he was using up all of his annual leave to wait for a new handset, but getting his hands on the new device would make it all worth it.

Commentators have mocked those queuing. Softpedia said: “I mean, sure if the new iPhones had a radically new design and murdered competition, I’d agree it would probably be worth a 10-day sit-out with occasional showers of rain and mockery from passersby.

“But when the only truly awesome thing Apple unveils is a fingerprint sensor attached to a phone we’ve all come to terms with, it’s just a really sad sight.”

But Tamura couldn’t disagree more. “Being here gets my adrenaline going,” he said.

But, as Apple targets the lucrative Chinese market, those who live in China don’t, like the rest of us face lengthy queues, or even lengthier wait times if they order online.

Instead, those living in China have the option of reserving both an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 5C from September 17, with the reserved handsets becoming available for pick-up instore on launch day, September 20.

As well as attempting to attract more Chinese customers, Apple is trying to get around problems they have faced in the past. The company fell victim to “scalpers” in previous years – people who stand in line to purchase an Apple device, only to sell it on at a vastly inflated price.

Apple first unveiled its latest iPhones to the world in California on Tuesday. As widely anticipated, the firm is offering two different models at the same time, for the first time. As well as its top-end iPhone 5S, which will be available in gold, there will be a pared-down version, the iPhone 5C.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 5C has proved a disappointment in China, where consumers had been hoping the low-cost iPhone 5C would be on sale at a lower price, Apple will be hoping to gain a stronger foothold in the Chinese market, where Android handsets remain more popular.

image credit – smh.com.au

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