Lofty Ideals: Could a Loft Conversion Help You Get More Out of Your House?

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Loft conversions were, at one time, very popular. They have fallen out of favour to some degree, in favour of extensions. While these are more expensive as a general rule they’re also able to offer multi-storey additions that allow you to expand your home on the ground floor and any floors above it easily. Another, cheaper way to add living space to your house is by adding a spacious conservatory, but obviously those options require land you can build on.

If you’re in a bit of a bind in terms of land and you’re in the possession of a loft, then consider a loft conversion as an option for adding living space to your home.

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If your loft offers a decent amount of floor-space, it can serve as a guest room, office, or even an extra bedroom. Don’t worry about slanting walls; you can put in dormer windows and open up the space to a very decent degree. Here are some things to bear in mind when you decide whether a loft conversion is an option for you:

  • Do you need the space? How will you use it? It’s all well and good just adding a room, and obviously it can add a few zeroes to your potential selling price, but having a purpose for the room in mind beforehand will help you plan accordingly and decide whether or not your loft offers sufficient potential.
  • Loft spaces tend to be very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Do you have plans to remedy this? You can’t very well expect anyone to live in a room that alternates between hot house and freezer compartment, so come up with some plans. A fan and a space heater may do, but bear in mind the added expense in terms of electricity when you’re making a decision.
  • Light colours will help open out the space. As you’re probably working with a close room due to the slanting roofspace and the often smaller size, you want to keep things light and help the colour scheme work with the available space.
  • Furnish your loft room carefully, especially if the space is small. Ikea has many ideal solutions for creative storage that may help you keep the room clutter-free despite its size.
  • While loft conversions are great because you’re generally able to perform most of the work yourself, don’t forget to hire accredited professionals to do your electrics and any tampering with gas you may require, to ensure the continued safety of your home and family.

Keeping the limitations of your loft in mind will help you make an accurate decision when considering a loft conversion. Try to weigh things up evenly, but remember at all times that loft conversions can add a lovely space to your home without structural work or sacrificing garden space.

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