Living with Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition whereby bones are diseased, increasing the chance of fractures. Fractures commonly occur

Osteoporosis - natural-holistic-health.com

Osteoporosis - natural-holistic-health.com

in specific bones, such as the spine, wrists, or hips. Pelvic fractures are also quite common, although less so than the previous ones mentioned.

There are roughly 3 million in the UK with Osteoporosis, and 230,000 fractured bones as a result. Affecting everyone, no matter what age, this form of bone disease is most commonly associated with post-menopausal women.

With bones that are diseased, they are often weak and a lot less elastic than healthy bones. With bones being something that are constantly trying to repair and fix themselves, known as bone turnover, a large amount of minerals and protein is needed to do so, which diseased bones unfortunately lack.

Osteoporosis is most dangerous and life-affecting in those who are older. This is because the younger the person, the quicker the bones repair. Symptoms of Osteoporosis generally include:

• Bones easily breaking from minor falls

• Significantly weak hip and wrist bones

• Coughs and sneezes resulting in fractured bones, such as a fractured rib

• A stooping posture, often seen in older people with Osteoporosis

Living with Osteoporosis is possible. There are ways you can reduce the risk of your bones fracturing, and different steps you can take to make your life as easy as can be. One of the best things you can do to help yourself is to prevent falls. It may be that you have had several falls and many bone fractures as a result, so in this instance, it’d be a good idea to look at what’s causing you to fall in the first place. It may be that you need to go round your house room by room, changing aspects of each environment, to prevent further falls. This could include making sure rugs have grips under them, or that there are no trailing wires around, waiting for someone to trip over them.

Eating healthily and exercising regularly is another way you can massively help yourself, whether you have Osteoporosis or are at risk of having it. This is ideal tip for everyone- whether suffering from Osteoporosis or not. Being active and eating good food makes you less likely to get Cancer, or have a heart attack for that matter. Eating a balanced diet containing all the nutrients needed to ensure your body is as healthy as it can be, whilst also relieving stress and reducing fatigue, too.

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