Living Rooms of the Rich and Famous

If you’re addicted to flicking through the pages of Hello and OK! for glimpses of celebrity homes, you’ll have noticed how often the rich and famous choose to be pictured in their living rooms. As one of the rooms most likely to reflect its owner’s taste (or lack of it), the living room gives us readers a little insight into that star lifestyle. Here’s a selection of some of the best celebrity living rooms.

Yves Saint Laurent

Celebrated French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent started his career as head designer at Dior, and pioneered many trends, including the tuxedo for women, and prêt-à-porter, or ready to wear, collections. Prior to his death in 2008, Saint Laurent’s collection of art and sculpture was considered to be one of the finest of the 20th century, and the Parisian apartment that he shared with Pierre Bergé was a treasure trove of paintings, furniture, luxury sofas and objets d’art. The two friends specialised in the art deco period, an interest originally sparked by the acquisition of two Dunand vases. The living room of their apartment in the rue Babylone looked, perhaps, a little too like a museum for most people’s tastes. However, the magnificent room formed a showcase for some of their most valuable pieces, including paintings by Matisse and Picasso.

Bill Murray

When the makers of spoof horror film Zombieland wanted to portray a movie star’s house, they settled on a $20 million mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. Used in the film as the home of Bill Murray, the actor most famous for his role in the 1984 cult comedy Ghostbusters, the house is a monument to garish ostentation. The living room has heavy, honeycomb shaped wooden panels on the ceiling, ornately carved wooden wall panels, a marble floor, and, of course, the obligatory built-in bar. Whether this fictional ‘home’ matched Billy Murray’s real-life tastes isn’t clear!

George Lucas

Hollywood film producer George Lucas is best known for his iconic Star Wars films and the Indiana Jones series, although he has a string of other critically acclaimed films to his credit. He’s been working on building up his ‘filmmaker’s retreat’, Skywalker Ranch in Nicasio, California, since 1978. The private site now covers almost 5000 acres of land, and includes a main house, barns and various other outbuildings. As the ranch is a workplace rather than a home, there is no living room as such, but the facilities do include a 300 seat theatre, as well as numerous smaller screening rooms.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The beachside holiday home that Sarah Jessica Parker shares with husband Matthew Broderick in the Hamptons was designed to be a casual mix of laidback comfort and style. “It was important that the house not be too precious,” explained Sarah, in a recent interview with Elle Decor. They wanted to create a haven where beach sand and damp, bare feet wouldn’t spoil the relaxed atmosphere. Designer Eric Hughes created a cosy living room, with modern patterned fabrics mixed with vintage pieces. He even incorporated tables from Ikea – but with typical Hollywood flourish, had them hand-finished to look like lacquer. The end result is a room that’s both practical and stylish.

Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark

The award for the ultimate living room must go to fictional billionaire Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr). The house, set in a national park in Malibu, is stunning in every respect. The vast living room is cantilevered out over the ocean on metal buttresses, giving an uninterrupted sea view. It’s just a shame it doesn’t really exist. It’s actually a very sophisticated use of computer graphics, the brain child of artist Phil Saunders, who was able to give his imagination free rein to create this ultimate fantasy bachelor pad. The interiors are as fictional as the exteriors, and were constructed in a studio. Built on a huge scale, the rooms are modern, impressive and designed to create an appropriately ‘stark’ environment for the film’s central character.

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