Living Room Furnishings You Can’t Do Without

Minimalism has been ‘in’ for some time now, and many people wind up with a living room containing nothing more than a sofa, a telly, and a lamp. However, it is time to embrace more involved living rooms again, and with these furnishings you can’t go wrong.

Footstools and cushions can seem like clutter, but they make your room far more comfortable and, as a result, comforting. Enjoy propping your feet up and use pillows to make sure you’re propped up in a way ensuring you feel good; you can also be sure this allows your guests to find comfort. An easy way to personalise the living room, choosing cushions in a colour that complements your colour scheme is a good idea.

Alternatively, you can choose a contrasting colour to add a splash of excitement, or simply a bit of colour to an otherwise sober room. Footstools can, in addition to a place to rest your feet, offer a storage space and should be considered as such.

If you want a footstool whenever you need it, which is easily whisked out of sight when you don’t, you can find foldable footstools for about twenty pounds which can be stored quite easily under a chair or sofa when not in use.

If your living room, like most people’s, is where you watch DVDs, then make sure you have adequate room to store them.

You needn’t keep them all in the living room – you can easily keep some of them in your bedroom, for example – but those which you keep there can quickly make your lounge look untidy. Replace DVDs in their boxes whenever you’ve finished with them and store them tidily on appropriate shelves either separate from, or integrated with the entertainment centre. DVD shelving is now available, specifically sized to provide space for your DVD collection, and will look amazing in your living room.

The same goes for books kept in the living area; make sure they are replaced quite tidily and you’ll be able to allow them to make your living room look tidier. Both DVDs and books make a living room look more lived-in and homey, and as such they are very good items to keep there.

Living rooms have been minimalist spaces filled with very little furniture for quite some time now, but by making your space a bit more personable you can ensure it brings you more joy and more relaxation.

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