Liquid Diets: Could Drinking Shakes Help You Shake the Weight?

Slimfast, Biggest Loser, CelebrityDiet… We’ve all seen the liquid-based diets centred on the use of nutrient-rich shakes that allow you to remain adequately nourished whilst eating very little in terms of caloric intake. Results are reported to be amazing, but conflicting evidence suggests that they may be a very poor idea in the long term. So can these shake-based diets help you lose weight – and keep it off?

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The first issue with liquid diets is the hunger factor. Any dyed-in-the-wool dieter will tell you that the secret to a successful diet is to eat little and often, keep your metabolism busy and ensure you don’t reach hunger levels so high that it’s impossible to stop yourself from eating, at which point you’re exponentially more likely to binge and overshoot your calorie goal by far more than you would have eating a reasonable and regular set of meals.

The way to tackle this is to carefully balance your goals. Read the instructions carefully; you aren’t meant to replace each meal with shakes, but generally eat another meal and have a snacking allowance. Make sure you spread your snacks over the day in a way that allows you to spend a minimum of time between snacks, as this makes the time between foodstuffs easier to live through.

The second issue lies in moving back to normal food. You can’t rely on shakes forever, and the biggest complaint past users have is that changing back to a normal diet has negatively affected their bodies, which had become accustomed to much lower calorie levels. The result is sudden, rapid weight gain.

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The trick here is slow acclimatisation and exercise levels. If you carefully adjust your exercise levels and your caloric intake, you can help your body adjust to normal intake levels again. Obviously you need your exercise levels to remain high by changing your lifestyle instead of temporarily changing your habits until you decide to go back to your old ways. A system of checks and balances will help you readjust to life eating solid foods for every meal.

Liquid diets are an easy way to lose weight fast, but you’ll want to make sure you use them carefully, so as to ensure maximum results. If you carefully plan the course of your diet you can make them work for you, and enjoy the advantages of a quick-working diet.

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