Lima Storage Adaptor: Same content, anywhere, no matter which device.

It is the tiny device that is set to cause a frenzy within the technological industry, but it is not manufactured or designed by Microsoft or Samsung, no, the Lima adapter is being crowd-funded on KickStarter. And if early signs are anything to go by, it will be an overwhelming success, as it has already reached its goal of $69,000 by a whopping $793,262, with 8,371 people backing the project and still 32 days to go.


So what has got these pledgers so excited about a tiny storage device? Well, basically, and I’m no techno boffin so I am keeping it simple, people have files, pictures and documents in a number of devices, from computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Many people spend a lot of time trying to find a certain file or remembering which device it is on. And not only that, people don’t tend to keep files in the same device, preferring to move them around as they might send them to friends, family or business associates.

limaThe designers who came up with Lima decided to solve this problem from the very start. Lima is built to make all your devices work as if they were the same, containing exactly the same content, with all the same files, as if they were the main, single, unique device. And best of all, everytime you create a new file, document, picture etc, Lima saves a version of it at Home.

41b29f39d82192b5efa37f6b6308b272_largeIt is easier to think of the Lima as the brain of all your devices, with your devices now acting as the frames in which you can see exactly the same content, at all times. Your tablet, smartphone, laptop do not keep any content for themselves anymore as the Lima keeps all your documents, music, pictures and videos for you. So now all your devices have exactly the same size, and can be used in exactly the same way. So if your tablet is the smallest one on the market, it doesn’t matter, as the Lima has all your content, and once you are connected to the internet, it doesn’t matter if something doesn’t fit in one device, it is streamed over the Internet, directly from your Lima.


Here’s what the designers say Lima can do:

  • Play with exactly the same content at all times, no matter which device you’re using.
  • Put thousands of movies on your iPad, even if you bought a small one.
  • Watch family pictures on your connected TV, without having to transfer them.
  • Share confidential folders with your colleagues without sending them to the Cloud companies.
  • Send documents instantaneously.

318de5c63a61e0b2e2ce5aba72cdccd3_largeAnd it is not difficult to use, you simply connect Lima to your Home Internet and connect a USB drive to Lima. Install the Lima app on all your devices, and you’re good to go. So instead of renting storage, you actually own it yourself, and you are the only one that can access your data. The designers have made sure that security of Lima is on a par with high security servers, so that it is far more difficult to hack than your computer.

If you are still not convinced, then think about what you can do with Lima:

  • Listen to your entire music library on your iPhone
  • Access to all of your content from abroad, from the smallest computer
  • Quickly access your family’s pictures after a holiday trip
  • Send large documents to your clients instantaneously
  • Watch your iPhone pictures on your connected TV, without sync
  • Put your laptop in a swimming pool and keep your data safe
  • Share a folder with colleagues, so everyone always get the last version of documents
  • Extend the size of your iPad to put more movies into it
  • Get back old versions of your thesis after a wrong save.
  • Undelete files on your computers
  • Send e-mails with attachments of infinite size


Lima has raised over and beyond the goal amount, but if you are interested in becoming involved in this project, there are still some pledge amounts that are open.

To find out more, visit KickStarter.

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