Lima Storage Device Available Now – One Step Up From the Cloud?


Lima is a storage product that combines a hardware adapter with powerful apps on all your smart devices.

The founders, Sévérin Marcombes and Gawen Arab – claim that their product will “reinvent how devices work” by allowing any content from any connected device to be available, wherever the user happens to be.

So far the similarities between Lima and other cloud-based storage products such as Dropbox are clear, but there are major differences:

“It’s not one shared folder between your devices; it’s their entire storage,” Marcombes explains.

“This is a complete change of paradigm that puts the user at the very centre. The magic of Lima relies on the fact that its software changes the way your devices store your files to make them all use the same reference storage without changing your habits.”

Marcombes goes on: “Lima is a product that radically changes how our devices work, by attaching the content of a user to himself, rather than to his devices,” he added.

The team pointed out other major differences between Lima and Dropbox, for instance, with the latter you have to copy your files and you rent the storage space a monthly basis.

With Lima there is a one-off fee of $99 and all the data is yours.

The product did well at the CES 2015 where it won an Innovation Award in two categories.

It all started on Kickstarter, back in September 2013.

It has spent the last two years in development and now it ready for the market.

And the set up couldn’t be easier. It comes as a dongle which is plugged into your router, an external hard drive is then plugged into the other end.

Once connected, Lima sets itself up to connect to all your smart devices. It runs  on Windows and Macs, Android and iOS devices.


Advantages of Lima

Users can have access to all their files because Lima is connected to a router. So wherever they are in the world, they can get hold of any content which can be accessed from any one of their devices.

Storage limits do not apply because users are accessing the files from any connected device, whether smartphone or desktop PC.

Large files can also be sent without limitations on size, and data is always being backed up.

Popular and most used files can be selected to be available offline for when a user is not connected to the internet.

With the Lima device, the product stays in situ whilst the user travels the world. All the user’s files will be al backed up in one place.

Whenever you add a file, it automatically updates to keep a copy of the file on the hard drive attached to the adapter.

The only person who has physical access to your data is you. All exchanges are fully encrypted.


Lima is ever evolving, it sets up on its own, can repair itself, and continually learns about its user to provide the best storage access.

Use it to stream your music and movie library without affecting your mobile phone’s storage space.

It works offline, or over WiFi and 3G/4G.

Lima also integrates with other apps on your smart devices allowing you to open all of your files with other apps or share them on your favorite social networks.

The dongles come in four colours, green purple, yellow or blue. There are three sizes to choose from: 1TB, 2TB or 5TB.

One dongle is $99 with any extras $79 each.

For more information visit MeetLima.com


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