Lily Allen’s fashion store has moved location

Just ten months ago, Lily Allen opened a fashion store in London, called Lucy in Disguise. However, reports are now

Lucy in Disguise

Lucy in Disguise

suggesting that it has moved locations, as a result of the location apparently being temporary.

The vintage store in Covent Garden was opened by Lily Allen and her half sister, with the idea of it being a swap shop. With cameras following Lily and her sister for a television programme, the shop soon brought in the crowds, as a result of the celebrity owners. It’s now hoped that trade will be just a good once the shop has been moved to its new London location, at a point of time in August.

Opened as a result of Lily and her sister Sarah having a passion for fashion, Lucy in Disguise allows consumers the chance to buy or hire different vintage items of clothing, from different eras, consequently allowing them to be able to afford a different type of fashion. Additionally, everyone who works in

Lucy in Disguise

Lucy in Disguise

the store are stylists, and are able to help you choose the perfect thing to wear, dependant on both your shape and individual style. There’s also a blow dry bar in the downstairs of the store, where you can get your hair done as well as have your make up applied, so you can step out of the store ready for your night out.

Since opening the shop, the sisters have also worked together on a capsule collection of Lucy in Disguise items, for Harvey Nicholls, which will most likely see it take off even more after recently being launched. Sitting amongst the vintage items in the store, the Lucy in Disguise designs include evening dresses, prom dresses, jumpsuits, playsuits and maxi dresses, to name but a few.

This is just the most recent venture of Lily Allen’s since her career started around 2005. Rarely seen out of the newspapers, as a result of both positive and negative press, things look like they’re certainly on the up for her. She’s had a tough few years due to the miscarriages she’s suffered, as well as broken relationships, but here’s to a better future for her.

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