Light up Your Exteriors!

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Imagine having a beautiful villa and you are hosting a splendid party at night. Unfortunately, the outdoor lighting is just pathetic! Who would want a spoiled party? Well, one of the most essential and basic elements of having a house is to have proper exterior lighting.  It is the perfect way to accentuate the exterior or the doorway of your house.

Majority of us tend to neglect our outdoor space and concentrate more on decorating the interiors. The biggest advantage of having exterior lighting is that it not only gives us a clear visibility but also makes us feel comfortable. If you end up choosing the wrong exterior lighting, then your entire look of the house can be spoiled, so make sure you choose the right ones.

You can choose a suitable outdoor lighting from the millions of designs available in the market. You can either use them to brighten up a dark corner of your exterior area or to give a dramatic effect to a particular area of your outdoor space. The basic idea is to lit up the space and keep it as bright as possible, so you can choose lights of different sizes and shapes, as long as it serves the purpose and looks good.

From spotlights, track lights, pendants to candelabras the options are many for proper exterior lighting. However, here is a list of a few effective and awesome looking lighting options that can add up that much-needed glow to your house:

  • Lanterns: A perfect way to define areas and give it a raw appeal is by using lanterns. The best place to place these lanterns could be to put them on top of retaining walls, fence posts and pillars. While you are looking for lanterns, you can pick up a few traditional bronze lanterns which can accentuate your place beautifully.
  • Pendants: If you love the indoor lighting and wish to get the same look for your exteriors, then pendants can do just about the same trick! Although these pretty looking pendants might occupy little space and give a spacious and bright look, they require quite a lot of glass and frame cleaning. You need to be patient for the maintenance part, and trust me the last thing you want is a dead fly falling from the pendant while throwing a party! Grab a brush and get rid of the dust on the frame, and for the glass you can attach an extender pole to your regular squeegee and clean.
  • Can Lights: Can lights have this unique ability of casting beautiful glow over exterior areas that have high-traffic. Not just that, they also form as a source of security by providing proper lighting. They not only provide beautiful cascading light but also their directional-style of illumination makes it easier to bright up a dark path. Place your can lights at different corners of your ceiling.
  • Candelabra: Got a power-cut, no problem! Candles are the way to go. The best part is, candles are the perfect way to create a very romantic and intimate look. However, make sure you don’t place your candles in poor holders that encourage candles to drip. Do a careful and selective candle holder purchasing. Also, make sure you place them well. When it comes to candles there are like a zillion models available, so experiment with the innumerable candles available in the market. You can probably get a few gel candles and place them on the tables, or place a few floating candles in a big fancy water bowl or a tiny pond right in the centre of your outdoor space. Just let your creativity flow.
  • Track Spotlights: Apart from being dead cheap and affordable, track lights are a perfect way to add proper directional lighting to your outdoor space.
  • Chandeliers: Well, most of the people find it very odd to place a few chandeliers inside the house. Now, what better way to add glow, beauty and glamour to your exteriors by putting up a few pretty chandeliers? Simple, serves the purpose yet elegant. If you are someone who likes being a la mode, then chandeliers are your right options.

These are a few lighting options that can give you that much desired look. Having said that, now all you need to do is light up your exteriors!

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