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Keeping up with latest fads, I had come across smoking accessories. Although not a smoker myself, these accessories have gained popularity with smokers and non-smokers as well. Available in the market are a wide range of cigar cases, impressive lighters, Zippo’s, Pipes, cigarette holders, etc.

Smoking accessories are favoured because of their stylish appearance and unique designs. Most youngsters are seen flicking a Zippos casually. Zippo was invented in 1932. It was marketed as wind proof and came with a “Life time warranty”. It is still one of the oldest lighters available, since its inception, especially during the World War two it has become a national treasure. With each passing generation there is a connection built to it because of the impressive design and robust quality of the Zippo. Zippo in itself has become as an extension of the personality of the owner. With nearly 500 million Zippo lighters sold, all across the globe, you can find Zippo enthusiast – collecting, buying, selling, swapping Zippo lighters every day. Check out the cool Zippo collection at www.zippos.com.

I myself own five Zippo lighters, Three of them are black in colour with different art on it. One is painted with an eagle in white, one with the Harley-Davidson logo embossed on it in gold colour and the other one is just plain black but in a brushed aluminium finish. Even though they all look similar to most, it is the way that they are made, the finish and the art on it that sets them apart. Of the other two one is aquamarine blue in colour with a metal star at the side in silver and lastly my favourite is of a metallic gold finish and has gothic art at its side. I carry along with me most of the time. Seeing me with a Zippo, most of my friends got themselves a Zippo too. Now, No matter what kind of style, design or finish you like, there are so many varieties available that you can find the best one to suit your taste.

Due to its popularity, many fake Zippo’s have come into the market and are being sold as original.  When you have used a Zippo for a while you can make out the difference between a fake and original. George G. Blaisdell, the founder of Zippo lighter encoded a series of marks at the bottom of each Zippo to keep track of quality since 1950’s. Now the originality of a Zippo can easily be identified by these date codes and bottom stamp.

When choosing to buy a Zippo Lighter for the first time, keep in mind the following:

–          Always buy from an authorized reseller

–          Insist to look under the lighter for the bottom stamp and date codes

–          Make sure that you have enough wicks, flints and the original Zippo lighter fuel.

Many Zippo lovers display impressive tricks with their Zippo lighters, from flicking it, lighting it up to flicking it shut. Some tricks are very popular and some are hard to master. It is a must have for regardless of if you smoke or not.

One of the other accessories that are catching up these days is pipes. A Pipe is the oldest instrument for smoking and often seen as a sign of class and sophistication. It is said to have been used since the Roman and Greek periods – around 500 BC. A Pipe is shown, as we all know – used by the fictitious character of Sir Author Conan Doyle – Detective Sherlock Holmes. A pipe is also used by some for relaxation and contemplation. Pipes are generally made of fire proof materials such as briar wood, ceramic, glass, etc. The detail hand work and design on a pipe makes it a must-have.

Apart from pipes, cigar cases are popular among the elite and commoners as well. The main use of a cigar case is obviously to carry cigars but the key aspect of it is to retain the humidity of the cigars. Cigar cases are usually made of rich leather of various sorts combined with either hard metal casing or hard leather as well. The most popular of cigar cases are from Davidoff, Dunhill, Savinelli, Porche Designs, etc. My father has a collection of these cigar cases. My favourite one from his collection is the Dunhill White Spot Churchill, Black in color. Its sleek and has a very fine finish to it. Cigar cases are a sign of luxury and affluence.

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