Lidl’s Christmas Advert For ‘Turkey, Chicken And Duck’ offends viewers

I’m not a vegetarian, but even I was surprised at the new advert from Lidl, to promote their all-in-one Christmas roast for turkey, chicken and duck. The advert begins with a shot of someone carving the delicious Three Bird Roast, and the narrator declaring ‘Turkey, chicken and duck, a meal in one, everyone’s happy, apart from the turkey, chicken and duck!’


The advert has caused some controversy with viewers, as some think it is offensive and insensitive to the feelings of animals. However other people think that people are being oversensitive and should recognise that animals are slaughtered to provide meat.

The £9.99 Three Bird Roast has caused many angry viewers to vent their opinions on Lidl’s Facebook page, with the following comments:





However, some people posting have accused others of a lack of a sense of humour:



A spokesperson for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Peta said: “First reindeer, now three different species of birds – the unfeeling marketing team at Lidl clearly needs to be reminded that the season of goodwill should be more than words on a Christmas card. All animals feel pain, just as we do, and they deserve better than to be killed and eaten in some ironic centrepiece at Christmas dinner.” The animal treatment group added that factory farmed birds suffered appalling conditions before slaughter.

A spokesperson for Lidl said in a statement: “We were very excited to launch our first ever national TV campaign this month for our Deluxe Christmas range and have had a very positive response from our customers so far.” They added however: “We are aware of a number of complaints received regarding the wording of one of these adverts and, whilst it was certainly not our intention to cause offence, we do appreciate all customer feedback and we will certainly bear this in mind for advertising campaigns we may run in the future.”

The advert has appeared to split opinion amongst Lidl’s Facebook fans, with disagreements starting up on the FB page, amongst readers, with meat eaters accusing some vegetarians of a lack of a sense of humour, whilst the vegetarians insist the meat eaters are insensitive to the conditions of the animals. Lidl has had to step in on several occasions and remind people posting on the site that “Abusive behaviour towards other users on this page will not be tolerated and will result in comments being removed with users possibly being banned from posting on this page in the future.” The disagreement has reached other social media sites such as Twitter:


As far as we know, Lidl do not have any plans to remove the advert, and it is still being shown on mainstream TV. If you feel offended by the advert, go to their Facebook page and have your say.

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