LG’s mammoth Ultra HD TV has finally hit the UK – Is bigger better?

LG’s mammoth Ultra HD TV has finally hit the UK – although you may have to take out a second mortgage if you want to watch your festive favourites on one.

This viewing monster was first revealed in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, when the tech world descended on Las Vegas to see the very latest gadgets and gizmos. Then LG took the opportunity to show off its new piece of kit at the LGA conference in August.

Now Korean firm LG has launched its 84-inch TV at Harrods Knightsbridge, John Lewis in Sloane Square and at The Gadget Show Live. So proud is LG of its creation, it is even taking it on tour, going to Birmingham’s Bullring, Manchester’s Trafford Centre and London’s Westfield Stratford.

Stephen Gater, CE Consumer Marketing Director with LG, said: “We are proud to be the first to offer Ultra High Definition technology to the UK, with our 84-inch LM960V that is an impressive in functionality as it is in size. It wowed the audiences at IFA, and representing every advanced technology that we are proud to offer as a TV manufacturer, we are confident that it will capture the imagination of the UK public as they get to see it up close for the first time.”

The new TV is certainly impressive, although, with a recommended retail price of £22,499.99, it would need to be. For that money, you could buy a brand new Series 1 BMW Coupé.

Eighty-four inches of screen is huge – that’s 7ft – bigger than lots of professional basketball players. It also boasts four times as many pixels as a Full HD 1080p television. It also comes with cinema 3D, with five pairs of 3D glasses included for all the family, so you can have a spectacular movie experience at home.

With an up-to-the minute flat-panel display, this new technology is called Ultra HD by some manufacturers and 4K by others as it features nearly 4,000 pixels, compared with 1,080 pixels of 1080p sets.

The launch means LG has got its product onto the market before its rival Sony’s 4K screen, which is the same living-room filling size, and a similar price. New details just released about Sony’s new TV. While Ultra HD is widely regarded as the next evolution in TV technology, there is a lack of content at the moment to take advantage of the huge resolution.

So Sony is packaging its new device with content pre-loaded on a video player which is part of the bundle. The Amazing Spiderman, Taxi Driver and The Karate Kid are just some of the films being restored and rebooted especially for the launch.

For those keen to get their hands on such a giant television whose pockets aren’t deep enough for LG or Sony’s offerings, Toshiba’s seems like a snip of the price, in comparison. The Toshiba 55ZL2 comes in at just £6,999.

At just 55-inches though, it may be too small for some.

As Chris Cookson, president of Sony Pictures Technologies puts it: “People ask the question ‘Do I need to get a bigger house to fit an 84-inch TV?’ The answer is that 25 inches was right for standard definition; 50 inches was right for high-def; and 84 inches is right now that we’re going ultra-high-def.”

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