Roll-Up TV Screen – LG reveal portable TV you can roll up!

We’ve seen curved TV’s, now South Korean telecommunications giants has revealed a TV screen you can actually roll up.

On Thursday last week, LG revealed two 18-inch OLED panels — one that you can roll-up, and the other that you can see through.

The roll-up TV screen is being touted as the ultimate in portable televisions, and even appears to disappear when it is in the rolled up position.

So far the TV screen is being manufactured in 18 inches, but LG say that a 60 inch version will be on sale in 2017.

LG roll up tv

The TV screen works in Ultra HD and uses a special film instead of plastic, meaning that it is much more flexible. It is this flexibility that allows users to roll it up into a tight tube, perfect for easy transportation.

How LG’s roll-up TV works

Instead of the usual plastic screen, LG has manufactured a highly molecular substance-based polyimide film as the panel. This allows the maximum flexibility and also deceases the thickness of the screen, which helps with the curvature.

The flexible OLED panel is capable of 30 percent transmittance, or clarity, thanks to the transparent pixel design technology. This is much more than the typical 10 percent transmittance from existing transparent LCD panels, according to LG. The company has significantly lowered the amount of haze in the panel.

It has a high-definition class resolution of 1200 X 810 and achieves around 1 million mega-pixels.

Thanks to the super flexible screen, it can be rolled up to a radius of just 3cm without affecting either the function or the display.

LG roll up tv

“LG Display pioneered the OLED TV market and is now leading the next-generation applied OLED technology,” said In-Byung Kang, Senior Vice President and Head of the R&D Center at LG Display.

“We are confident that by 2017, we will successfully develop an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches, which will have transmittance of more than 40 percent and a curvature radius of 100R, thereby leading the future display market.”

When the LG screen is rolled up, ready for transportation, it turns transparent when not in use.


It seems that LG have yet again beaten Samsung to the market, as they showcased a prototype flexible screen, however, the LG screen can be completed rolled up or folded without damage.

As well as Samsung, Nokia and Apple have also been working on transparent and bendable screens for their tablets and smartphones for many years.

It is LG however, that have been the market leaders in this field, and the consistent forerunners within this innovative industry.

Earlier this year it revealed a flexible smartphone – the G-Flex, and unveiled a 77 inch flexible OLED TV at the CES in January.

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