Let the space rule

Optimum use of wall space

Optimum use of wall space

A modern-day problem that almost every house faces is the lack of space. With homes getting smaller by the day, there is a need for multi-purpose furniture pieces and versatile furniture options that will add some visual space if not physical space to your home.

The most important room of your home from the space perspective is the living room as this is perhaps that place where you spend a lot of your family time. Having a congested feeling while you are spending some happy ‘together’ moments can spoil all the fun. Then there is the kitchen that most of us dread to use if it is really small. You need to stock a lot of kitchen tools and that needs creating space. For your bedroom again, you need a lot of space to stock all your belongings and extra bedding. Then you need space in your patio for your garden tools. You will also want to enjoy a barbecue on those pleasant evenings in your backyard – this means you again need space. But with all the space constraints, you might feel that you are living a life of constraints. Don’t feel squeezed in your homes any more. Here are some tips that can help you make your tiny space feel bigger.

Imagine you have a guest for an overnight stay; you will not have to panic even if you have a small home when you have the right furniture in place. Like, you can always have a sofa bed for your living room. This piece of furniture can be a comfortable seating option and can be quickly converted in a bed for your guest. For your dining room, having a dining table extension can help in accommodating more people. You can also save space by using foldable chairs that can be stacked in one corner. For your patio bench, you can add have some hidden storage within to stock your garden tools. There are several other similar options that can make your home look organized efficiently even if it is small in space. Designers have come today with various innovative yet simple designed furniture pieces which are not just functional but very appealing to look at.

The American Furniture Manufacturer’s Association claims that when right furniture is used in a small abode, it will help in maximizing space by providing function, comfort and style. Below mentioned are a few little tips when you go about finding the right furniture for your small home –

  • Go vertical:

The floor space is perhaps the most crucial when it comes to small homes. It is hence important that you maximize and optimally utilize your floor space. A wise approach to this is to opt for furniture that is taller rather than wider. Go for long nightstand with storage drawers for bedrooms. You can again opt for a tall buffet for your dining area that has vertical storage space.

  • Use your walls:

Another intelligent idea to use your space well is to use your walls optimally. Instead of decorating all your wall space with art pieces, you can opt for having wall units etc which you can beautify using vases and other table-top art pieces. You can also use these units to store your collectibles. You can also use walls to hang your bags, hats, ties or scarves.

  • Opt for versatile furniture:

There are a lot of modern furniture styles that offer great versatility when it comes to utilizing space. A good example for this is the ottoman coffee table. This table usually comes with in-built or hidden storage space. There are several such table options which come with drawers or glass tops that can act as storage as well as display for your collectibles.

  • Get the better out of your bed:

Your bed is perhaps that one furniture piece which will take almost all your bedroom floor space. With some good hideaway storage solutions for your bedroom, you can optimally utilize the bedroom space. These storage solutions could be under bed organizer, drawer organizers or closet organizers.

By following the above mentioned tips, you can easily make your home feel spacious even when you lack space. 

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