Leonardo DiCaprio’s Secret Passion for Art

From an early age, it was clear that Salvador Dali was to become a great artist. Even as a student at the Academie deSan Fernando, it was evident that this young artist – at the time experimenting with Cubism – possessed a great deal of talent.

It is no surprise then that Salvador Dali’s surrealist works still ignite the imaginations of art lovers to this day. It appears that Dali’s work inspires another artist as well – that of Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, best known for his role in “Titanic”,  acquired one of Dali’s works for £750 000 – Chevaliers en Parade – at a recent Christie’s auction. It is said that the star originally bid on works by Pablo Picasso in theNew Yorkauction but did not manage to place winning bids. Thereafter, he bid on the Dali piece. It is a clear indicator where the heart throb’s artistic tastes lie.

Dali’s style, though quite different from Picasso’s, was nevertheless heavily influenced by the work of Picasso. Picasso was impressed by the young man when they met after Dali had been expelled from the Academie deSan Fernando. Dali, in turn, had always admired Picasso’s art.

Perhaps the attraction to Dali’s paintings comes, for Leonardo diCaprio, from a place of empathy for the artist’s deep desire to be a serious artist. DiCaprio himself cannot be said to be a lightweight actor and seems to prefer roles that are deeply and emotionally challenging. Perhaps he feels some sort of affinity with the artist who, when his wife died, is said to have tried to cause his own death through dehydration. Both artists appear to share a very serious and deeply emotive soul.

The more one looks at it, the more parallels one can find. Dali, even as a young man, was not afraid to stand out from the crowd and expressed this through his eccentric hair and clothing. DiCaprio too was not afraid to stand out and went the more difficult route of being a serious actor rather than the typical route to Hollywood Stardom as a cookie cutter “good guy”.

In the end, only DiCaprio can explain his love for Dali’s work but, all in all, I do think that the artwork suits the buyer.

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