Lego creates extra padded slippers for walking on Lego bricks

Parents who have lovingly bought their children packs of Lego bricks throughout their growing up years have probably experienced a time when they have inadvertently stepped on a brick.

Despite their small size, these bricks can cause a whole lot of pain if you happen to be walking around the house barefoot. But thankfully, and not before time it has to be said, Lego have come up with a solution.

A super padded pair of slippers that will cushion the feet of Lego strewn houses across the world.

lego slippers

The slippers have been made by with the help of French advertising agency Brand Station, but if you want a pair you’ll have to hurry. There have only been 1,500 made and you have to fill out a Christmas wish list form on the company’s website in order to get a pair.

French bloggers Piwee stated that the Lego slippers will then be handed out on a random basis to whoever fills in the wish list form.

A statement on the Brand Station reads:

“If you have or have had Lego at home, you probably know that walking on a small brick lying on the ground is perhaps even worse than stubbing your little toe on the corner of a piece of furniture.

So to avoid this inconvenience, Lego, along with its agency Brand Station, invented slippers so you can walk safely in the house. Genius!

Besides being super comfortable, they take the shape and colours of the iconic brand.”

legp slippers

As you can see by the publicity shots, the slippers have been designed using Lego’s iconic colours of red and yellow, and are made in the shape of a square Lego brick. The finishing touch is the Lego logo on the front.

To make sure they are ‘Lego brick-proof’, the slippers have an extra layer of padding compared to ordinary slippers. This is to prevent the sharp edges of a Lego brick piercing through and stabbing your feet.

They also have a gripped sole, presumably to stop you slipping on a brick.

A video has been released to show how the product was made by hand by skilled French workers.

The company’s Facebook post reads:

The post on Facebook reads:

“Because your kids love the ‪#‎LEGO‬… But that they love above all share their passion in the entire house… This year, we have imagined for you parents the ultimate gift for ‪#‎Christmas‬: slippers lego to the sole padded which will enable you to walk you in the middle of the night in the house… Without any worries! ‪#‎noellego2015‬”

The reaction from beleaguered parents has been one of joy and a sense of thankfulness. Many parents have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion and so far, the feedback appears to be very positive.

One person called for them to be ‘The product of the year’ whilst another thought they should be called the ‘invention of the year’.

lego slippers

lego slippers

Another said ‘Finally a solution that’ll save your feet when Lego’s are present!’

lego slippers

One woman took to Twitter and said the slippers had ended ’66 years of horrible pain’.

lego slippers

One picture that has been doing the rounds is a cartoon of a child walking across hot coals with the caption ‘Impressive’, next to a child walking across bricks and another caption that states ‘Impossible!’

CUFfmqrXIAAn_oT.jpg large

Although only 1,500 slippers have been made, if demand is very high, it is possible that they will produce more. Judging from the social media reaction to date, we think they had better start ordering more material! Here is the result from a poll in the UK’s Independent newspaper:


For more information visit Piwee.net


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