Leaving Your Home for a Holiday

It can be so worrisome leaving your home for a holiday away. As you and I both know, burglars roam through residential areas looking for homes which look unoccupied so they can break in and rob the owners. Obviously, you can’t live in such fear of this happening that you’ll never go out at night. But there are a few things you can do to prevent burglary when you’re gone, and ways to make sure there’s a rapid response when you return.

In an ideal world, you’d have a neighbour or relative visit every morning and evening to open and close the curtains; that alone can help your home look much more occupied. If you have a pet someone is looking after on a daily basis they can help you out by opening and closing curtains, fiddling with the windows (leaving them at a crack, as long as they are locked, is fine; switching which are shut and which are at a crack will help your home look occupied).

Buying timers for your power outlets and setting some lights to turn on every day is a good plan. A few bits and pieces to bear in mind, though! Buy new ones and stick religiously to the instructions. Keep anything flammable away from the outlet and the timers, too. Timing your lamps carefully is a good idea, however. For example, by timing the bedside lamp on the right side to turn on a few minutes before the other, you’ll create a sense of realism. Don’t forget to have the lamps turn off a few hours after being turned on; after all, people don’t usually leave their lamps on all night. A radio set to turn on at some point is a good idea, too; talk radio can sound remarkably like people speaking, and it won’t be the same every evening.

Notify your milkman and paperboy; you don’t want items piling up on your front step as this is a sure sign of absence. If anyone can check for you, have them remove anything piling up so that it’s not there advertising your holiday. This can be done by anyone, and you won’t need to let them into your home as they can keep anything collected in their home. That allows you to organise it even if you don’t have anyone to hand whose involvement you trust.

Burglars are always on the lookout for empty houses to rob. Don’t make it easy for them, but keep them on their toes by making your home look inhabited… And enjoy your holiday knowing you’ve done everything you can!

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