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LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

If you thought apps were only for your iPod or MP3 player you need to take a look at what LeapFrog is coming up with these days. The best example is the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer learning tablet. It is compatible with over a hundred games and apps that will help your child learn. The material that can be learned using this tablet is as much as those games and apps. The focus of the tablet is reading and math although other types of applications are available for other subjects. Remember to check the apps as they can be very age specific, and something that a 7-year-old may find extremely entertaining may quickly frustrate a child that is 2 years younger.

Digital My First Weather Station

From the people at Wind & Weather comes the Digital My First Weather Station. This weather station teaches kids about weather patterns and predictions with an easy display that is easy to read. The weather station includes indoor and outdoor temperatures and young weather predictor. Displays are fun and have icons such as umbrellas and snowmen that will help your child determine the weather pattern that they will see on that specific day. The weather predictors are available in boy and girl styles to best fit your child. The predictor may be intended as a learning tool for children but you will find that the whole family can use and get some information from it.

LeapFrog LeapSter 2 Learning System – Handheld Game Console

The LeapFrog LeapSter 2 is the learning tool that kids can take on the road with them. The LeapSter 2 is better than other game consoles because its focus is on learning. Your child will love the games while at the same time getting information that can get them to a higher learning level. Skills that can be developed are math and writing, but they also enhance creativity. The LeapSter 2 also lets you monitor your child’s learning progress by connecting to the LeapFrog learning path. That ability allows you to not only check on their progress but it also gives you ideas on how to go about it to increase or refocus the learning. Leapfrog has been one of the leaders in child learning and the LeapSter 2 is one of the newest and most effective learning tools that a parent and a child can get.

Fisher Price Learn Through Music Touch Pad

Fisher Price’s Learn Through Music allows your child to learn from it by using things like music, rhythm and repetition. The unit is very portable and you will see your child taking it everywhere. The screen features several touch points that make the learning more interactive and makes the child want to keep playing. There is a microphone included in the unit for your child to sing along and headphones can be used. In order to help your child get started with his or her learning the touchpad includes a game cartridge. This touchpad is designed for preschoolers.

Chemistry Set – Special Edition: Edu Science C1000

The Edu Science C1000 chemistry set is the best way to give your child an advantage when it comes to chemistry. The set is designed for ages 8 and up and it includes a total of 75 safe experiments for your child that will leave them wanting to learn more. The experiments are hands on and the materials are provided. The equipment is high quality and so are the chemicals. The experiments can also be performed over and over again, so it is just a matter of minutes before your child tells you what they now can do. Edu Science makes learning science actually fun.

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