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Portable LapDesk System Desk Stand by Targus Notebook

The Portable LapDesk System Desk Stand by Targus Notebook is one of the best options you have if you need to take a stand with you. When you first get it you may think it looks a bit bulky but it actually isn’t. This stand manages to give you a lot of space for a laptop desk system. It seems to be perfect size for the plane.

If you rather use an actual mouse than the mouse on your laptop, then there is room for that too. Because it folds it is easy to fit it in most laptop cases. You may also think that the stand is too thin, but in reality is one sturdy stand and can take the weight of even old and heavy laptops. There is no fan to this stand; however the design does help with the cooling.

The Logitech N120 Laptop Cooling Pad is a great investment to make for your laptop. It keeps laptop and surface cool effectively while quietly distributing air underneath your machine. Because of the design, the pad can be used on your lap which is not the case with other laptop coolers. The rear intake which is what makes most of the laptop cooling pads works perfectly without getting your lap or the surface hot.

Logitech was also able to solve another problem in the cooling pads, and that is dust. If you had a cooling pad in the past, then you know that the rear intake can get your pad and then in turn your lap dirty, but not with this laptop cooler. The fan is enclosed and that not only protects the fan, but it also keeps it clean and mostly dust free. The price is unbeatable and it will do the job.

Lapster Lap Desk Tray

The Lapster Lap Desk Tray is a great multi use desk tray. Of course when you see a desk tray like this one, your first instinct will be to use it as an old fashioned lap desk tray, and sure you can use it to read a book before bed; but this lap desk tray is also built perfectly for the iPad and for electronic book readers.

Why is it so perfect for tablets or the iPad? Number one it is comfortable which you absolutely need on a desk tray, and second it gives you room. You can keep your iPad or tablet separate from other items like perhaps am drink or chips without worrying about getting it all over your favorite toy. You can also adjust the center rest to give you the best angle when reading.

Bamboo Laptop Tray By The Container Store

This laptop tray does what other laptop trays do as effectively, but the Container Store’s Bamboo Laptop Tray can say one thing that others can’t: it is environmentally friendly. Instead of plastic or other materials this tray is made as the name says of the fastest growing plant in the grass family and it is also some of the most common.

The design does not use fans but rather a vent system that allows the air to flow which keeps your laptop cool. The look is also a plus as it looks almost classic. The one thing that can be a negative is the location of the venting hole. It is in the middle of the tray and some of the laptops will have the vent to the side. If your laptop does have it in the middle then the trays should work perfectly with your laptop.

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