Lakeland: Making Kitchen Gadgets You Cannot Live Without!

I can still remember my first purchase from Lakeland; it was a tupperware box, shaped in a long rectangle, specifically to hold bacon rashers. I recall thinking at the time, how innovative yet simple the idea was. As previously to buying the box, I had always had to either fold up my bacon, or squash it into square-shaped containers, which to me, was irritating at best. And this sums up Lakeland in my view. The company make products that really do help you in the kitchen, actually, they make then for all over the house but for this review we are concentrating on kitchen gadgets. With this in mind, I have chosen my favourite kitchen gadgets that I believe you cannot do without. Let’s see if you agree.

Chocolate Melting Pot – £2.99

An essential when melting chocolate and filling moulds – this is the squishiest, squashiest, most pliable way we’ve found to get every last drop. Place your chocolate in the lidded jug, warm in the microwave and the flexible silicone makes for easy, controlled pouring into even the most intricate of moulds without all the usual mess. Also great for melting small amounts of butter, warming a little milk for coffee, or heating sauce and, of course, it’s so easy to clean – you can even turn it inside out. Takes a broken up 100g bar of chocolate.

Lakeland Egg Poachets x 20 – £2.99

A brilliant new invention from the UK and exclusive to Lakeland, they’re made from tea bag-like paper and keep the egg white contained, so you don’t get all the stringy bits, but allow contact with water. Place the pouch open in a cup and crack in an egg, lift out pulling the top together, hold for a second in a pan of water that’s at a rolling boil, then place it in… the pouch magically closes, and after 6 minutes, your egg will be cooked to perfection. No fuss, no mess, no oiling or adding vinegar, eggs simply slide out onto your toast. The samples were all snapped up after Catalogue Production were shown them in use; we think they’re set to change the way we poach eggs forever!

Lakeland Scrudle – £2.99

What’s a Scrudle, we hear you ask… A cross between a scraper, a scoop and a ladle, we’re sure this is soon to become a kitchen essential that you’ll wonder how you managed without! Winner of the Finish Diamond Standard Innovation Challenge, the recent design competition which Lakeland were proud to support, it’s set to solve the problem of emptying casseroles and pans of those last few servings of stew or soup. Unlike a round-bottomed ladle, the flat ‘spatula’ edge of the Scrudle reaches right into corners ensuring every last morsel makes it from pot to plate. Designed by housewife Margaret O’Callaghan, the judges, led by innovative chef Heston Blumenthal and including our own Wendy Miranda, were impressed by how simply yet effectively her invention dealt with an everyday kitchen niggle. Margaret has been involved in creating this fab gadget from initial sketch through to the end product, and Heston said, “…her product was innovative, practical and something that I can actually see myself using in the kitchen.”.

Joseph Joseph® Scoop – £8.69

Another great scoop for Lakeland! Similar to those used in fish ‘n’ chip shops, this pretty green Scoop from Joseph Joseph is the ergonomic answer to serving straight from the pan, removing the need for draining. Perfect for straining pasta and veg from the water you’ve cooked them in, and being heat-resistant up to 270°C it’s great for retrieving tempura and other deep-fried dishes. Once you’ve used this handy little scoop, you won’t need any other spoon or sieve!.

Lakeland Crêpe Pan – £19.99

Want to make perfect crêpes, fried eggs, drop scones and Welsh cakes? With our flat pan, you can! It can be used for omelettes too and, thanks to the curved ‘lip’, flipping and transferring from pan to plate is a doddle. Made from aluminium with a pancake-proof, non-stick Ecolon ceramic coating so absolutely nothing sticks. Suitable for ALL hobs (except induction).

MagiPull – £3.29

Cans with ring-pulls are on the increase. Good news for some, but for many, opening them is still a losing battle. The award-winning Magi Pull will make light work of any ring-pull can, including those awkward sardine tins. Particularly good for people with arthritis or painful joints, or some disability.

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