Kuvée: Smart Wine Bottle Keeps Wine Fresh for 30 Days

Kuvée: Smart Wine Bottle

If you are the kind of person that opens a bottle of wine, has one glass and then leaves the rest, Kuvée may be the answer to your prayers.

Kuvée is the latest smart gadget that ensures you never have to throw away a half finished bottle again. This is because it keeps your wine fresh for up to 30 days.

But that is not all it can do. Kuvée has a built-in touchscreen that gives you the history of the wine, and suggests what food the wine should be paired with.

How does Kuvée work?

How does Kuvée work

Kuvée is basically a smart dispenser that is connected to your Wi-Fi, but it is cleverly designed to look like a wine bottle.

When you insert one of Kuvée’s branded wines into the dispenser it prevents any oxygen from getting into the wine. This allows the wine to remain fresher for longer. You can serve a single glass whilst preserving the remaining wine in the dispenser.

When you have had enough of the wine you simply remove it from the dispenser, ready for the next time you want to drink it, as the wine will stay drinkable for 30 days. This means you can open several different bottles on the same night, and whether or not they are finished, you do not have to throw them away.

The touchscreen on the dispenser also allows you to order new wines from the Kuvée range, and gives consumers a wealth of information about the wine they are imbibing.

You can even order more wine straight from the touchscreen label and get it delivered to your door.

Kuvee - order more wine straight from the touchscreen label

Pros of Kuvée

As far as gadgets go, this is interesting, it is practical, smart and actually is worth looking at. We love anything here at Shoppersbase that prevents waste and helps to stop people throwing food or drink away, so naturally we were impressed.

And the touchscreen is great for people who want to play around and get extra information.

Cons of Kuvée

When we first read about Kuvée we thought the dispenser was a gadget that you placed over any wine bottle and we thought that was brilliant. However, that is not the case.

The dispenser works only with special bottles from the Kuvée range, and at the moment there are only 48 wines available and they are all from California and the Pacific Northwest.

Further wines will be added to the selection but there are thousands of wines in the world and to be limited to 48 at present is a real stumbling block.

special bottles from the Kuvée range

The range of select California wines include Kith & Kin and Pine Ridge and bottles are priced at $15 and $50 for 750ml.

The Kuvée system is available for pre-order on Kuvee.com or Indiegogo in the California & Massachusetts states from October 2016.

The $179 pre-sale includes the smart bottle, along with four wines.

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