Kusmi green detox tea claims to make you look younger

The health benefits of green tea are numerous, and go back hundreds of years. In fact it was back in the 11th century that a Japanese monk first realised that green tea had remarkable health properties. Green tea contains essential oils, mineral salts, carotenoids, chlorophyll, and large amounts of vitamins C and E.

It has not however, been used within the beauty and cosmetics industry, until now. Tea makers Kusmi have developed a green tea which is designed to especially target the skin’s daily needs.

Kusmi Detox Green Tea

Kusmi Detox Green Tea

Described as the world’s first BB (Beauty Beverage) tea, Kusmi’s Detox Tea is said to have give skin a glowing complexion, but it also helps to detoxify your body and can even aid weight loss. The Kusmi green detox tea is said to follow in the example of BB creams as it caters to all your skin’s daily needs.

The way it works is by using the combination of green and maté it eliminates excess fluid from the body, it can also improves your skin’s appearance as it helps to boost toxin removal. The powerful antioxidant properties of the green tea are boosted by two additional ingredients of dandelion and rooibos, which is a South African plant with a sweet, fruity flavour.

Kusmi Detox tea: Grapefruit and Lemongrass flavours

Kusmi Detox tea: Grapefruit and Lemongrass flavours

It is well-known within the beauty industry that constant hydration of your body leads to a glowing complexion, but many people find it hard to drink enough fluids to remain properly hydrated throughout the day. As the Kusmi green tea comes in two distinct flavours, grapefruit and lemongrass, it may be easier to intake your daily recommended fluid allowance with these green teas.

The water that tea that you consume helps you to maintain moisture levels within your skin, whilst the antioxidants help to improve the texture and appearance.

Kusmi, which is a Parisian tea brand sold at their London store on Marylebone High Street and online, have been utilized by the fashion world and is typically given to models backstage to ensure a catwalk glowing healthy skin.

Kusmi Love, Boost and Euphoria teas

Kusmi Love, Boost and Be Cool teas

Kusmi tea comes in a range of flavours and health benefits, from the Detox collection to the Be Cool tea which contains a subtle flavour of liquorice, combined with the freshness of mint and lemon verbena’s calming properties.

This tea has a cleansing, detoxifying effect on the body. Or there is the Sweet Love tea, a spicy blend that combines black tea, liquorice root, guarana seed, pink peppercorn and various spices.

This tea increases vitality, the spices improve digestive comfort and liquorice provides sweetness, thus avoiding the need to add sugar. For those who need a bit of boost should try the Euphoria tea, which is an uplifting, true original of a blend made with roasted maté, orange peel and chocolate.

Kusmi Prince Vladimir, Imperial Label and Anastasia teas.

Kusmi Prince Vladimir, Imperial Label and Anastasia teas.

Other teas include the Russian blends which are made to unique recipes, kept secret since their creation. Try the Prince Wladimir tea, Anastasia or Saint Petersbourg.

All teas available from kusmitea.com and cost €14.90 per tin.

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