Know Your HDMI Cables for the Digital Switch Over

HDMI Cable

With the completion of the digital switch over planned for next year, many of us have at least got to grips with high definition televisions and digital aerials and are almost ready, but, now comes a new problem, apparently we need an HDMI cable. Just as you thought everything was sorted there is a new piece of equipment that your television will not work without. Evidently this is where some unscrupulous salesmen are ripping off customers in an attempt to get them to spend more than is required.

An HDMI cable is a digital cable that allows you to view your high definition pictures on the new TV you bought. Basically, to get HD quality pictures you need an HDMI cable, but there are different standards of cables around. For the type of signal and usage a normal household will need, a standard high definition lead will be sufficient. There are different levels of cables, however and it is these that some salesmen will try and palm off on you if you are unaware of what you actually require. If you are offered an HDMI cable costing over or around £100, this is more than likely to be an Intelligent HDMI cable. These cables are used when linking several different monitors or TV screens at showrooms and gigs where you need the pictures to be part of a larger image or all the same. Hardly a necessity for the average household. The only time you would need a a cable of this calibre is if you wanted a super fast gaming experience and even then, you could get that with a normal HDMI cable.

It seems that certain shops and retailers are taking advantage of our ignorance about HDMI cables and you should know that with a digital signal, you either get one or you don’t. There is no difference in the quality. Many stores are now saying that is it not only a matter of quality of signal however, and that it is appearance of the cable, ultra thin and white as opposed to thick and black, durability and wear and tear that is also a factor. Remember, it is only a cable and you should be paying roughly about £3 per metre. Anything more than that and you are being ripped off. For more details on what to buy, inexpensive HDMI cables and advice check out: www.digitaltelevisionaerials.co.uk

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