Kirstie Allsopp Designs Fabulous Bed Linen!

Kirstie Allsopp Designs Fabulous Bed Linen!

Kirstie AllsoppI think I’d like to have Kirstie Allsopp as my neighbour. She seems to be just the sort of lady you can rely on in a catering/craft/cooking crisis. A lady you might say of many talents who would get stuck in and help you and let you take all the credit!

But you’d have to catch Kirstie whilst she wasn’t quite so busy, traipsing round with Phil Spencer, looking for property for people with way too much money, or getting involved in the latest Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

Now Kirstie has gone and designed her very own range of bed linen and if you love feminine prints and bold statement colours, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by her collection.

In an interview with designer and members only store Achica, Kirstie told them how she came about designing her own bedding range. She said, “Bedding manufacturer Ashley Wilde came to me and said: ‘We make sheets. We want to make your sheets’,” she explains. “Intrigued, I asked how it works: ‘You give us your favourite colours and fabrics and patterns, and then we go away and we develop them into a range of sheets.

Then we develop the range as you say what you like and what you don’t like’. And that’s exactly what happened.”

The Kirstie Allsopp range of bed linen include vintage styles with a 1950s inspired design that has a stylish floral trail in subtle blue tones, which contrasts with flashes of lime and aqua, to give a fresh and contemporary twist; and country classics such as her patchwork quilt design which features a combination of floral bouquets, tiny polka dots and gingham checks. Kirstie uses different colour palettes for each creation.

For instance, a palette of pale Wedgwood blue and cool grey were chosen to enhance a delicate floral pattern on the Josephine range, and the Lily range is available in a choice of complementary colours, allowing you to create your own individual layered look. Kirstie says, “It was so much fun working with these vintage fabrics and lovely colours.

I hand picked the vintage style patterns because I wanted to create a collection that had a unique, but familiar homely look; the vintage designs evoke a nostalgic feel, yet have been used in a contemporary way.”

You’d think by the way she bosses her co presenter Phil Spencer around, that Kirstie could be a bit of a control freak when it comes to the designing process, but she says, “There are elements when you’re involved in designing things, when you have to take a lesson from the professionals and they will tell you what works and what doesn’t and you work within that. And that’s actually very good.

It’s been very interesting. I now have ‘Kirstie Allsopp’ mood boards! It’s very weird being in the third person!” So does Kirstie think shes got it right now? “I’ve developed a trick of mixing and matching bedding. Bed linen is a fixation of mine, and when I was offered the opportunity to design my own range, I’m not exaggerating when I say it felt like I’d won the lottery,” Kirstie adds, “I’ve always loved vintage fabric and patterns, so it was a real treat to look through the archive fabrics and select my favourites!

When decorating a bedroom, I like a theme based around the one thing I can’t live without, or the one thing I really want to have in that room,” says Kirstie. “For example, a favourite set of bed linen, or some fabric you really like – use that as the centrepiece and build from there. The style of a lot of [my] bedrooms was dictated by the fabrics that I wanted in the rooms.”

The Kirstie Allsopp bed linen range is available from House of Fraser, Next and BHS stores.

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