Kindle Accessories You Can’t Do Without

So you’ve decided to bite the bullet and make the change from paper to E Ink. Congratulations! The Amazon Kindle is an amazing unit that allows you to carry thousands of books around in the form of a small plastic machine, and really does live up to its reputation. A plethora of accessories will be recommended to you when you buy your Kindle, but how do you know which is right for you, and which will be a waste of money?

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Kindle cases are as many and varied as you could hope for, but which case will fulfil your needs? The leather cover with built-in reading light is an excellent option, especially if you have a habit of reading in places with low light as the Kindle is not at all backlit. However, despite their lovely look and convenience, these covers cost quite a bit of money at fifty pounds apiece. You may be better off buying a cheaper cover and saving your money – you can either buy a separate reading lamp or resolve to read only in adequately lit places, which you would have to do with an ordinary book in any case.

A hard-plastic case may be more up your alley with prices between a tenner and twenty pounds. Some can be flipped open to provide you with a stand holding your Kindle, which may be ideal if you’re the type to read as you eat. There is a selection of colours available and you will be sure to find something to suit you and keep your Kindle safe from impact.

Bath covers are equally available and cost just over ten pounds. If you enjoy reading in the bath you’ll know this is a concern when you buy a Kindle, but with a bath cover you can carry on enjoying literature in the tub whilst keeping your Kindle safe from water damage at the same time.

Kindle skins allow you to personalise your Kindle whilst also protecting it from scratches and other minor damage. Some come with a free screen protector allowing you to keep the E Ink display from harm as well. Depending on the skin you can expect to pay between about five and about twenty pounds for your Kindle skin, with some outliers at lower and higher prices.

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Finally, insurance for your new Kindle is also available. For thirty pounds (for the 3G model) or twenty-five (for the WiFi version) your year’s worth of manufacturer’s guarantee is extended to three. It also covers you for accidental damage and will allow you to replace multiple Kindles during the warranty period. It is indispensable in terms of feeling secure in the knowledge that you won’t have to do without your Kindle. As you can have books purchased in the past re-sent to your new Kindle, this provides you with the ideal solution in case of damage.

Kindle accessories are as varied as they are useful. Make a careful choice, and allow them to make your Kindle experience even more positive!

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