Kim Kardashian uses Bio Oil for stretch marks!

Copyright: Getty Images

Copyright: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is probably best known for her love of luxury brand and designer labels, so it was with great surprise that we learned the reality TV star has revealed her latest celebrity beauty must have.

Bio Oil is a £8.95 available from most good chemists and pharmacies, that promises to reduce the amount of stretch marks and scar tissue.

And Kim, who is now 14 weeks pregnant with her boyfriend Kanye West’s baby, has said that she uses the super oil to help her fight off any up and coming stretch marks. Kim says: “It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretchmarks over my body.”

The reality TV star is most usually associated with the finer things in life, and so this has to be quite a beauty bargain for her, but Kim is not the only celebrity who swears by the oil’s magical promises.

A host of beauties in the limelight also use Bio Oil to stave off those pesky stretch marks, and Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes has also revealed that she uses the oil.

The pop songstress is currently four months pregnant with her new husband – JLS singer Marvin, and having spent the New Year in the Maldives sunning themselves, Rochelle has already taken to Twitter to praise the oil: ‘Bio-Oil and I have a really good relationship.’

Copyright: Getty Images North America

Copyright: Getty Images North America

Other celebrities to have used Bio-Oil while pregnant include former Spice Girls singer Mel B, actress Alison King and singer Kym Marsh.

Bio Oil

Bio Oil

Mel B also took to Twitter to reveal her love for Bio Oil, and described the oil as a ‘pregnancy tip for no stretchmarks’, and Kim added: ‘I use Bio-Oil to reduce little surgery scars and to help my pregnancy stretchmarks.’

And if these celebrities are not enough to convince you to buy the stuff, then check out what British model and young mother Jourdan Dunn said about using the oil to keep stretchmarks away from her perfect skin, as she revealed: “Motherhood is all about getting the right balance and being more organised than before.

I still have to find time for myself and this can be difficult, but motherhood has been a lovely revelation to me. While I was pregnant I rubbed Bio-Oil all over my body, morning, noon and night.”

Bio-Oil contains a mixture of natural herbal oils and specially formulated PurCellin Oil, a dry non-greasy oil that helps active ingredients such as lavender and chamomile penetrate the skin.

Bio Oil is not only for stretch marks, as you can use it to reduce new and old scar tissue, it helps to reduce acne scars, can be used as an after sun soothing lotion, it helps with ageing skin and you can use it to improve uneven skin tones.

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