Kim Kardashian Launches Online Style Website

Famed for starring in her own reality show and newly married, Kim Kardashian has taken time out to oversee new website Shoedazzle.co.uk. Not only is this an accessory store full of shoes and handbags, but Kim has personally chosen all the styles available on the site. And there’s more, take a ‘style’ quiz in which you have to pick your favourite items from lists shown, you will be matched to one of the stylists on the site and for a flat rate of £39.95 a month you will be emailed a personally chosen selection of bags and shoes. All you have to do is then pick one and it will be posted to you (postage is included in the flat rate). No problems if you don’t like anything your stylist has chosen, you can opt out for that month or even pay more and get extra items.

Before Kim was a famous reality star in her own right she worked as a stylist and says, “I know how expensive it is to get personally tailored style tips. You can even email our stylists for fashion advice.” So do they get it right when you take the personality test? I did it for research you understand and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Apparently my three main traits are ‘whimsical’, ‘artistic’ and ‘free spirited’. That is so me! The blurb tells me that I love to creatively layer my look and like a painting, every outfit is a work of art. Notes of nature fill my wardrobe with earthy hues and tones but I also gravitate toward ornate prints. Uncanny!

And you can earn ‘style points’ by recommending friends (200 points), and for every month that you buy an item (100 points). Once you accumulate 1,000 points, you can redeem them for a ShoeDazzle credit. You can then use your credit for a free pair of shoes, handbag or jewellery set. You get 20% off your first purchase and Kim already has some fashion advice for us whatever our style is, “Shoe wise I am into rhinestones and studs. Next season, patent leather is going to be huge, so the nude styles are perfect.” Even if you just go and get your style from the personality test, check the site out at www.shoedazzle.co.uk

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