Kick Off the Sunday Blues and Change Your Career!

Does something happen to your mood round about mid afternoon every Sunday and you cannot quite put your finger on it? You start to get a little bit fed up, downcast and irritable with your nearest and dearest? Dread the oncoming hours and can’t seem to enjoy the last part of the weekend? Perhaps it’s time to think about a career change as it appears you have the Sunday blues that are kicking in, just before you have to return to work on Monday. Most people will try and persuade you that now is definitely not the time to be thinking about jacking in your job, especially if you have been there for a while. They may be right but these days there is no such thing as a ‘job for life’ and being unhappy at work is a recipe for ill health and undue stress. Plus there’s no reason why you can’t pop your toe into the water and see what else is out there while you are still in your current employ. The point is to always do something. Apathy will never get you anywhere and if you carry on doing what you are doing and it is not working out for you, then do something different. Have a look at our career advice if you are considering a change. You never know, this time next year, you might be working in your dream job!

Preparing for a change

What will a change in career really mean? Can you afford a salary drop for instance to achieve a dream job? Will it mean more travelling or a stay at home job? Would it cause stress at home if you worked from home or could you fit in child care as well? Could that be more beneficial or perhaps encroach on your working hours? Try to anticipate any pitfalls, advantages that might lie ahead and solve the problems in advance. Ask yourself why you are unhappy at present and search for a job that would make these problems disappear. If you dislike the office environment then do not seek another office employment. If your dream is to work outdoors, make sure that the employ is not only seasonal if you have family commitments. Yves Deloison, a specialist in issues related to career changes, shares his expert advice for a successful change of profession. First and foremost, you need to. “Identify the reasons that motivate your need for change. Why aren’t you fulfilled in your job? Be introspective and determine your most profound feelings. Take a look at the alternative solutions. Before embarking on a radical career change, check if alternative solutions exist: internal transfer opportunities in your company, potential for professional evolution, starting your own business, or even investing in projects that go beyond the professional sphere…”

Choose your career

Now you have prepared for the change you have to determine the type of career change that suits you the most. Update your CV and ask family members and friends to define what your core strengths and qualities are. Make a list of your strong points and be sure to add these onto your CV. Brush up on your basic skills, i.e word processing, typing, language etc for the job that you are proposing to go into. Research your chosen career thoroughly and see where the best companies are situated in relation to where you live. Make sure you have a clear and defined profile that you can present to prospective employers. Practise your interview techniques; get partners to ask you difficult questions so that you can anticipate them well in advance. Know your own potential and what your previous experiences are (know-how, strong points, aptitudes, etc)? Take stock of what you’ve got: what resources do you have to make the move (money, holidays, training, etc.)? See if you can get some hands on training with people who already work in that role/sector/company. Be clear about your goals. Define a strategy and identify the resources (material ones in particular) which will allow you to reach these goals. Be clear about your abilities and assets. Get familiar with the market that you’re aiming to enter. Organise your research and readjust your plans if necessary. Be ready to seize upon any opportunities that may present themselves.

Remember, you are a marketable asset so get your self-esteem and confidence up, make sure your Cv is in tip-top condition and increase your network of friends and associates via social media, old school forums and employment. Good luck!

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