Khloe Kardashian sells her used Undies on Ebay

Usually pre owned undies and knickers don’t tend to sell well on ebay, but there are always exceptions to the rule. And in this case it is Khloe Kardashian, who has launched her very own ebay store, with the help of her hubbie – Lamar Odom.

But rather than stick some fabulous dresses, or well turned out coats or jackets, it seems that Khloe thought some of her pre worn lingerie might feature well on the famous auction site, and has started auctioning off what we would call parts of a ladies more initimate section of her wardrobe.


Khloe Kardashian has started listing items such as her used sports bras, petticoat slips and negligees. All pre worn I might add. Now unless you are a true Kardashian fan, isn’t that a little, well, weird? Evidently not, as one of the sports bras Khloe is selling has already raked in 11 bids from Kardashian fans, all hoping to get their hands on some sweaty merchandise from Khloe herself.


Also up on the auction site are some of Khloe’s sleepwear, including her pyjamas, some playsuits, a Philip Lim 3.1 dress (which was getting a lot of bids) and footwear including flip flips and platforms heels.

The auction store was set up to benefit in the main Khloe and her husband’s charity Cathy’s Kids, which benefits underprivileged children living in the inner cities of New York and Los Angeles.


Items that are selling well so far include a Milly of New York Trench Coat for £95, a Jimmy Choo Blue leather bag with gold accent for £123, a Herve Ledger Bandage dress for £63, both the Gucci Aviator sunglasses and the Gucci travel pouch are also doing well at £62 each, and the Wildfox Gray Knit pattern Sweater is standing currently at £126. But by far the best seller so far is the Chaser Grey non structured top at £224.

Items not doing that well are the NYC Chain Link Skinny jeans at £0.62, the K-Dash Gold Blazer at £2.03, Black Drawstring pants at £1.65 and Krisa drawstring pants at £1.71.


Khloe’s sister Kim also launched an eBay store and sold some of her wardrobe in the summer, with part of the proceeds supporting Life Change Community Church. Kim was encouraged by her boyfriend Kanye West who described her wardrobe as ‘ghetto’, which upset Khloe at the time, how commented that they shared many items of clothing and she wondered if she should also have a bit of a clear out. Seems that she has also followed his advice!


But now that Khloe has de cluttered her wardrobe, thuis had freed her up to concentrate on her next project, which is to get pregnant in 2013.

A source told HollywoodLife.com: ‘Now that Kim is pregnant, Khloe is making it her top priority to get pregnant next. She really wants her kids to be the same ages as their cousins and is starting to panic a little.’


The insider alleged that Khloe had put her plans to start a family on hold due to her stint hosting the X Factor, but reportedly added: ‘Even if she gets The X Factor hosting gig again, she will continue on with her fertility treatments. She isn’t jealous of Kim, more so just very inspired.’

Source: MailOnline

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