Khakis defining a corporate man

Khakis for the urban man

Khakis for the urban man

‘Khaki’ is derived from the Persian word ‘Khak’ which precisely means the dust’ or ‘the earth colored’. It was used for the first time to describe the light brown colored trousers of the uniforms of the British Army in the beginning of the 19th Century. Khaki has now become a sort of trendsetter when it comes to men’s formal wear. Just like any other color, khaki comes in various tones – dark khaki, light khaki, etc.

Khakis were originally considered an official outfit for the British Army. They were considered to exude authority and hence were typically used only as uniforms. However, khakis have evolved over time and today they are considered as the staple wear for corporate men. Khaki pants or trousers come in a wide array of colors, patterns, styles and cuts. While the colors are more or less restricted to the earthy shades, the styles and cuts offered are quite varied. Khakis come in all ranges of colors and even in various designs or cuts of the pants or trousers and even with a variation in fabrics. There are various choices available when it comes to the patterns. Here are the various patterns of khaki pants that are gaining wide popularity among the corporate men –

1.      Pleated Khaki pants:

While the straight or flat khaki pants have always looked stylish, the Pleated khaki pants have a charm of their own. Pleated khakis go better than the contemporary. They don’t just add style to the outfit but also add the convenience factor.

2.      Cuff style khaki pants:

If you are a guy with long legs, cuff khakis are a better option to your list. These kinds of khaki pants have thick bands, making you look stylish and easy.

 3.      Creased and Crumpled style:

These khakis are just the perfect for a casual look. You can wear these in any of the either ways, ironed or even wrinkled. The crumpled style is much preferred by the youngsters as it sets them apart from the formals.

 4.      Tab Closure khakis:

A complete form of the regular normal khakis with a clear waistline, the tab closure khakis makes you appear formal enough during an official occasion.

 5.      Relaxed fit:

Khakis score a perfect 10 when it comes to the comfort factor. These are one of the classic forms of the khakis. Loose fitting, wide legs and frayed at the cuffs.  These are the kind of trousers that will take you to the ‘retro’ times!

 6.      Dickies khaki pants:

A skinny and slim straight fitting pant with a very low rise, these pants are termed wrinkle resistance and also are stain release finishing. These are a bit of low pants, coming on slightly below the waist, made out of a range of fabrics like the twill, cotton, polyester with crossed yarns.

 7.      Straight leg cargo khakis:

These are pants made out of polyester and cotton with belt loop, lock stitched hem, and also a stain release finishing. Just like the creased and crumpled, these do not need ironing.

Apart from the patterns, one could also find a range of colors available in khakis. You could find those darker hues of khakis for official outings or you even have the choices of the olive khakis for such occasions. If you are choosing khakis for a casual wear, try the sandy shades or the lighter hues of khaki. If you are wearing as an official or in simpler terms wearing khakis as a formal dress, opt for casual drabs of khakis.

Khakis always look great when teamed with formal shirts. However, if you plan to go casual then you can always team the khakis with a polo t-shirt and wear them with a pair of sneakers. Khakis can look absolutely casual or formal depending upon the way you want to style them.

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