Kerastase Densifique: A Real Solution To Thinning Hair?

Historically, treatments for thinning hair have always focused on the outside of the hair, with solutions tailored to increasing follicle thickness, giving fuller body and more density. Now, hair manufacturers are looking at treating our thinning locks by concentrating on the inside, specifically by targeting the scalp tissue.

Kerastase Densifique

Kerastase Densifique

The French cosmetics and beauty company L’Oreal are world renowned for using scientific techniques to develop new products, and now have created Kerastase Densifique, for people suffering from thinning hair. A scientific team at L’Oreal found that some people who have thinning hair might suffer from an oxygen deficiency in the skin tissue of the scalp. Oxygen is vital for hair growth, as it is for all healthy cell renewal, as without oxygen the cells can wither away, lay dormant or even die. It is thought that one reason people might suffer from poor oxygen levels in the body is due to a lack of iron. Iron is needed to help circulate the oxygen in the blood, and a lack of it will cause reduced oxygen circulation, which leads to hair loss.

The way L’Oreal Kerastase Densifique works is that it specifically targets the low oxygen levels in the scalp, and increases them, which then helps the hair follicles to grow, producing thicker hairs and reawakening dormant ones. The product has been clinically tested on 101 people, who used the solution once a day for three months. The result showed that over the course of time, people gained an average of 1,700 new hairs; this amounts to around 4% extra hair follicles.

The hair loss treatment is available in salons, but it’s not cheap, the three-month course costs £285, but compared to many other solutions, such as cover-up sprays or hair pieces, this is the most natural way of trying to promote hair growth.

Kerastase Densifique

The formula of the new product consists of a cocktail of vitamins, including B3, B5 and B6, and a synthetic compound called stemoxydine or neogenic. Stemoxydine was developed by L’Oreal, which works by copying the conditions of hypoxia (a lack of oxygen) and then stimulates the dormant hair stem cells to produce thicker and denser hair follicles. So far there are no side effects to using stemoxydine, apart from it being extremely expensive.

L’Oreal also advise that Kerastase Densifique can be used on people who have sensitive scalps, and is suitable for men and women. The blurb on their website states that it is ideal for adding fuller body and giving better texture to the hair, it helps to maintain hair density and can produce new hair follicles with repeated use.

For those people who are balking at the price tag of purchasing the whole course in a salon, we have found boxes of the original product available on auction sites such as Amazon and Ebay for a fraction of the cost.

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