Kelly and Sharon Osbourne reveal new MAC collection

Fans of Mrs O and Kelly Osbourne may have heard rumours that the outrageous duo was first approached 12 years ago to collaborate on a collection for MAC. At that time, back in 2002, Sharon was unwell and Kelly wasn’t happy, as Kelly explains: “I wasn’t in a good place, and my mum was sick. John Dempsey who was head at MAC kept coming back and was like ‘I’ll keep checking in.’ They came back five years later, and then they came back again, and about 18 months ago MAC said okay you’re ready. And me and mum said ‘yes, this is gonna be so fun.'”


Now the time is definitely right, and the Osbourne collection is on sale as from today, with separate ranges from Sharon and Kelly available, which each showcasing their individual personalities.

The collections include eye shadows, lipsticks, foundations and nail polish, and are based around the pair’s signature hair colours, Sharon’s flame red hair and Kelly’s lilac. As Sharon says: “for people it’s about the hair. Our hair colour is so vibrant, it’s always about the hair with us.” Kelly adds: “My hair was my inspiration, which means I was my inspiration as narcissistic as that sounds, but I did really have to stop and think you know, this isn’t just for me, I want the colours to work on every skin tone. It was just so much fun to do.”

The mother and daughter team took their design role very seriously and paid particular attention to the colour palettes; they even had a say in naming the shades, although don’t expect conservative names for the products; this is the Osbournes we are talking about. In fact Kelly was surprised that some of their choices made it though the final cut: “I can’t believe Cheeky Bu**er and Dodgy Girl got through. We had to come up with 50 names, then it goes through legal.” And Sharon was just as bad, saying that her first choices were either already taken, “or just not very politically correct.”


Kelly was so excited about the launch she gave a statement on her website: “It is such an honor for both me and my mother to be the first mother daughter duo to design our individual collections for MAC Cosmetics. Ever since I can remember, MAC has been my favorite make-up, not only for their wide range of colors but their ingenuity and forward thinking and how they are able to change public perception through the use of make-up. I had so much fun working with the MAC team, playing with pigments and learning what really goes into makeup, because let’s think about it Ladies and Gentlemen ;) … we put make-up on our face almost everyday, we should know what’s in it.”

Kelly even tested her colours on her friends to make sure they worked on different ethnicities: “It was really important while designing this collection that I stayed true to myself while creating fashion forward pigments that applied the right way would look amazing on almost every woman of every color and every size.”

61 year old Sharon’s range includes deep bronzes and rich reds, whilst 29 year old Kelly’s collection features vibrant pastels and violet shades. There are also make-up tools available, including blusher brushers, lip pencils and for dedicated fans, the pair are appearing in person at Selfridges in London on Monday to demonstrate some of their signature looks.

If you can’t get to London however, you can check out their range instore and online from today at MAC Cosmetics.

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