Kelly Rowland Launches Sexy Abs Workout DVD with Jeanette Jenkins

If you happened to be one of the millions that watched the X Factor last Saturday, you could not have helped noticing 30 yr old Kelly Rowland’s admirable abs that were on show whilst she performed her routine. If you are wondering where you can get abs like Kelly’s well, you are in luck as the petite singer is about to release a dvd showing you how. Kelly has collaborated with her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, otherwise known as The Hollywood Trainer, to show her fans how to get her fabulous toned washboard stomach and enviable abs. The dvd, called Sexy Abs, shows Kelly in a number of workouts which are especially designed to tone up those areas of the stomach that women find particularly difficult to get rid of. To provide maximum exposure for her famous stomach, Kelly wears only a pair of black leggings and a tiny top and starts the dvd by stating, “People always ask me what I do to get such great abs, and now you’re going to experience one of my workouts with me and my trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

Having sexy abs isn’t just about looking good, it’s about training your core so you have the strength and flexibility to do all the things in life that you enjoy doing without the lower back pain.” Jeanette concurs adding, “That’s right, the number two reason people go to the doctor is for lower back pain, and its a very painful experience for millions of people.” The dvd lasts for 42 minutes and is divided into six sessions which include ‘love handles’, ‘six pack’, ‘sculpt’, ‘tone’, ‘define’ and ‘burn’. The aim of the exercises is to develop core strength, tone and flexibility throughout the duration of the dvd which is shot in black and white.

There are many comical moments in the workout where, for instance Kelly exclaims, after one particularly gruelling exercise routine, “Oh my goodness that was crazy. Whose idea was this anyway?” And others such as “I feel like a kitty cat doing this one,” she says of one exercise, meowing. Although we see more of Jeanette, who leads the workout, there are plenty of times where Kelly shouts encouragingly in the back ground. And the whole atmosphere is geared up to the audience in a friendly and best friends forever kind of way with Kelly telling viewers which exercises are her favourites (the twisted side sit-ups are her favourite move to work through when she’s on the road and can’t get to Jeanette). As well as working out to her dvd, Kelly has other tips to keeping her figure trim and healthy. She explains that she never eats after 7pm and reveals that her friends do find this annoying. “My friends hate that about me,’ she told Marie Claire magazine “They all want to go out to eat around 9pm and I’m like, “Er, unless I’m going to wait three hours for this to digest, I’d rather not. Just think how sexy those abs are going to be.” 

The DVD is released just in time for Christmas on December 15 but if you cannot wait until then, Sexy Abs is available now for pre-sale. For more, visit www.TheHollywoodTrainer.com

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