Kelly Osbourne reveals plans to launch plus size fashion line

She is the daughter of rock god Ozzy and X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne, that took to the dance floor in Dancing With the Stars in 2009, finishing a respectable third. And according to the 28 year old TV presenter, it was due to her weight loss whilst she was appearing on the dance programme, that inspired Kelly Osbourne to think about designing a brand new fashion range.

Kelly Osbourne © vivirucho01/Flickr

Kelly Osbourne © vivirucho01/Flickr

But even though the fashion star has lost the pounds herself, she doesn’t think that curvier women should be left out, when it comes to wearing fabulous looking clothes. So Kelly is determined to incorporate a plus size section within her range, especially for the more voluptuous woman.

Speaking to Fashionista.com, Kelly revealed her frustration about being overweight in the public eye: “No one takes notice of a fat girl in fashion…that’s the truth! It’s sad. That’s why I love women like Beth Ditto who are doing their own clothes. That’s why when my line comes out I’ll never make anything that won’t be translated to plus-size as well. Because everyone deserves to wear fashion.”

But Kelly hasn’t always been the glamor girl we see on Fashion Police, alongside Joan Rivers, and presenting for E! for red carpet events, casting her eye on Hollywood’s best dressed A Lister stars. Her edgy gothic and punky style was certainly a rebellious stance against her rocking parents, Ozzy and Sharon.

And as the girl herself reminds us, she has been in the public eye since the age of 15, when the cameras followed the family around in the first documentary style The Osbournes programme: “My style has evolved because I grew up. People forget that I was fifteen when I started out on The Osbournes and I’m 28 next month. Scary! Scary! So it’s just great that over the years I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

So what can we expect from the glamorous fashion critic who has grown up? Kelly wants her collection to reflect her own quirky personality, but admits that her range might not be for everyone: “It still has to be very me – quirky. [But] that’s me, so I have to [also] have something slightly normal.”

Kelly decided to design her own range of clothing after her stint on Dancing With the Stars had left her with a more slimline figure, and she could have a wider choice of what clothes to wear. However, even though Kelly had lost the weight, she still couldn’t find clothes to fit: “When I lost weight and started to wear the clothes I always wanted to wear but didn’t fit into, that’s when [my perception within the industry] really started to change,” Kelly said. “It did give me a bit of a bittersweet feeling towards the fashion world.”

That bittersweet feeling didn’t last for however, as it has been reported that Kelly has signed a deal with a clothing company, according to UsMagazine.com, where she confirmed the news: “I had one of the most exciting meetings of my life this week – it pretty much green-lit my clothing. When I sat down in this meeting and they said, ‘Yes, you have creative control and of course you can do plus size,’ I was like, ‘It’s happening!'”

We here at Shoppersbase can’t wait!

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